Mary Maria (Polly) Dibble Shellhammer


        Union, Michigan, United States    

Mother of Phoebe Eugenia Shellhammer Meacham and the Sunday School teacher of Edna Isophene Sherman Yohn.
Mary Maria Dibble, known as Polly, was born on February 9, 1827, and brought to Michigan in 1834 by her parents, Anson and Lydia O'Dell Dibble. At one time  she lived in a log cabin on Mason Street at the foot of Ward Hill in Union. Her marriage to Aaron Shellhammer resulted in three boys and six girls, but only four of their children survived past the age of 40. According to Grace Field, granddaughter of the quilter, Shellhammer not only was prolific in quilting but also spun and wove. Field reports that Shellhammer used "dress goods of the 1860s-1880s in making her Hour Glass quilt."

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Marsha MacDowell, Ruth Fitzgerald

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5/8/1885 of stomach cancer

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Father's Name:

Anson Dibble

Mother's Name:

Lydia O'Dell Dibble

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Shellhammer, Aaron

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Farmer, Civil War soldier

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