Margaret Wood


        Arizona, United States    

Margaret Wood is a Navajo/Seminole quiltmaker living in Arizona.
Often does a spirit line from the interior design out to the border (assoc. with Nav. rug weaving). Has given away a lot of quilts for baby presents. My work in quilts and clothing is based upon centuries of Native American fiber and arts tradition. In accordance with a long history of embracing new materials and decorative ideas, I consider my work a continuation of the evolution of Native American fashion and decorative work.

Was the maker a woman, man or a group?


When was the quiltmaker born?


If the quiltmaker was married, what was the wedding date.

Ethnic background/tribal affiliation:

Native American; Navajo/Seminole

Educational background:

BA from Arizona State University, Elementary Ed.and MA in Library Science from University of Denver, Denver, CO

Occupation (if retired, former occupation):

Owner and president of Native American Fashions, Inc.

Where was the quiltmaker born?

Parker, Arizona (AZ), United States

Father's Name:

Charlie Wood

Mother's Name:

Helen Watchman Wood

Spouse's/Spouses' name(s):

Tom Galbraith

Spouse's/Spouses' occupation:


Number of children:


Number of male children:


How did the quiltmaker learn to quilt?

From Relative, Self-Taught

When did the quiltmaker learn to quilt?

Age 11-19

Estimate the number of quilts made by this maker:

more than 50

Does/did the quiltmaker teach quilting?


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