From The Boag Studios: Quilts Book 46

Waldvogel Archival Collection
Elgin, Illinois, United States
This catalog of quilt and pillow kits was published in about 1936 by George Boag through The Boag Studios, a division of Collingsbourne Mills in Elgin, Illinois. On this cover, three labels for Mary A. McElwain's Quilt Shop cover the references to Boag Studios. Perhaps this catalog was used at McElwain's shop. This catalog contains 39 quilt kits and 22 pillow kits, a few of which are credited to Mary McElwain. Inside the catalog are two (undated)price lists for BOAG quilt and pillow kits. Most of the kits are ready-cut pieced or stamped applique quilts. Catalogs such as these are a rich resource for identifying and understanding kit quilts. See also another version of the same catalog (Quilts by Boag: The Most Authentic Quilt Line in America) which has many more quilt and pillow kits.
Applique; Piecing

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