Sears Catalog Page - The Winners of the Quilt Contest

December 1933
Waldvogel Archival Collection
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
The 30 final round winners' names and home towns were announced in the Sears Catalog. At the center are photos of the Star of the Bluegrass quilt and Margaret Rogers Caden, the first place winner. Most of these quilts have been identified either through newspaper photos or by contacting the quilters' descendants.
The Winners in Sears Century of Progress Quilt Contest.

Women from every state in the nation took part in Sears Century of Progress Quilt Contest and many, many beautiful and unusual designs were submitted. Due to the excellence and attractiveness of the thousands of quilts entered, the judges found it difficult to select winners of the $7,500.00 in cash prizes. Below is a list of the national and regional prize winners. Their quilts were on display all summer in Sears building at the World's Fair. Many local prizes were awarded, but space here does not permit showing a complete list.

Many of the prize winning patterns are shown in our new, beautiful Century of Progress Quilt Catalog. See page 219.

National Prize Winners
1st Prize Miss Margaret Rogers Caden, Lexington, Kentucky; 2nd Prize Miss Mabel Langley, Dallas, Texas; 3rd prize Miss Frieda V. Plume, Evanston, Illinois.

Regional Prize Winners
Atlanta: 1st Prize, Mrs. Dale Combs, Pebworthy, KY; 2nd Prize, Mrs. Joe Wade, Knoxville, TN, 3rd Prize, Miss Marth Steele, Beattyville, KY.
Chicago: 1st Prize, Miss Margaret R. Caden, Lexington, KY; 2nd Miss Frieda V. Plume, Evanston, IL, 3rd Prize, Mrs. Frances Klemenz, Louisville, KY.
Kansas City: 1st Prize, Miss Mary A. Hilliker, Carl Junction, MO, 2nd Prize, Miss Emma Conry, Mascot, NE, 3rd Prize, Miss C. W. Veasy, Idaho Falls, ID.
Memphis: 1st Prize, Mrs. Louis Ward, Horse Cave, KY, 2nd Prize Mrs. George Litsey, Leitchfield, KY, 3rd Prize Mrs. G. H. Wilkie, Shreveport, LA.
Philadlephia: 1st Prize, Mrs. Virgil Carpenter, Hyndman, PA, 2nd Prize Mrs. G. R. Leitzel, Northumberland, PA, 3rd Prize Miss Edith Snyder, buffalo, NY.
boston: 1st Prize Mrs. M. A. Harvey, Springfield, MA, 2nd Prize Mrs. Grace M. Bentley, New Haven, CT, 3rd Prize Mrs. Mabel Hammond, Plattsburg, NY.
Dallas: 1st Prize Miss Mabel Langley, Dallas, TX, 2nd Prize Mrs. Celia P. Hyde, Crowley, LA, 3rd Prize, Miss Lois Hobgood, Iredell, TX.
Los Angeles: 1st Prize Mrs. Ralph Matthews, Winnemucca, NV, 2n Prize Miss Carrie B. Walker, Selma, CA, 3rd Prize Mrs. Rosetta Scott, Prescott, AZ.
Minneapolis: 1st Prize Miss Minnie Gau, Minneapolis, MN, 2nd Prize Mrs. Isabel Huges, Linn Grove, IA, 3rd Prize Miss Rose Tekippe, Fort Atkinson, IA.
Seattle: 1st Prize Mrs. M. W. White, Clarkston, WA, 2nd Prize Mrs. W. E. Newton, Seattle, WA, 3rd Prize Mrs. S. J. Campbell, Freewater, OR.

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