Patchwork Designs from Grandma Dexter's Quilt Designs Book No. 36

December 1930
Waldvogel Archival Collection
Elgin, Illinois, United States
This two-sided leaflet was made for The National Art Needle Work Society by the Virginia Snow Studios, a division of Collingbourne Mills Inc. in Elgin, Illinois. See also The Boag Studios Quilts Book 46. It is important to remember that the Collingbourne Mills manufactured cotton thread for crochet and embroidery. With this leaflet, the company is attempting to enter the quilt making market. On the front are four traditional quilt patterns with cutting diagrams, but on the back is a crochet pattern for lace collar and cuffs made with Dexter Cordonnet Crochet Cotton "Never Kinks--Always Lies Flat." The fictious names associated with the company also appear on this leaflet: Grandma Dexter and Virginia Snow. Virginia Snow, the leaflet proclaims, "will help you plan lovely household linens, quilts, crochet or knit any article either for the home or smart wearing apparel for your wardrobe."
Applique; Piecing

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