Sears Contest Judges and Quilts in Philadelphia

December 1933
Waldvogel Archival Collection
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
The three quilts shown here are: Sunburst (1st prize) by Mrs. Virgil Carpenter of Hyndman, PA; Autumn Leaves (3rd Prize) by Edith Snyder of Buffalo, NY; and a Commemorative quilt (2nd Prize) by Mrs. George Leitzel of Northumberland, PA. The judges are from left to right: Mrs. Wm E. Lingelbach, President of the Philadelphia Federation of Women's Clubs; Caroline B. King, Women's Editor of The Country Gentleman and Mrs. Bernard Davis, president of La France Industries.
Sears Roebuck and Co.
Regional Prize-Winning Quilts in Great National Quilting Contest.

"Pictured above are the quilts which were awarded, last Thursday, the three regional prizes in the Sears Much-Talked-Of National Quilting contest. The names of the lucky quilters are to be found in the story to the right. . . Beautiful and intricate were the hundreds of designs, evidencing many, many hours of tedious labor on the part of contestant quilt-makers."

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