Members of Three F’s Circle Finish 50 Quilts in One Year

December 12, 1934
Detroit News Quilt Club Corner Collection; Michigan State University Museum
Detroit, Michigan, United States
This is an article in Edith B. Crumbs column for the Quilt club Corner speaking of a quilt club in the Detroit Area- the Three F's circle.
Members of Three F’s Circle Finish 50 Quilts in One Year Standing Left to Right: Mrs. Peter Jeffrey, Mrs. J.W. White, Mrs. Frank Wieman, Mrs. Harry Nicholls, Mrs. Ray Trestrall, Mrs. S. Dwswell, Mrs. Elizabeth Kinsman, Mrs. H King, Mrs. Bertha Short and Mrs. J.R. Ducksworth. Sitting left to right; Mrs. Frank Hocking, Mrs. J.B. Bodda, Mrs. Glen Arrison, Mrs. B.H. Germain, Mrs. WM A. Webber, and Mrs. N. Grandmaison.

Quilt Shown on Frames Has Many Names on It
by Edith B. Crumb

These 16 women are members of the Three F’s (Fair, Friendly, and Faithful) circle, which is a division of the Ladies Aid of the St. Paul’s Methodist Episcopal Church, Joslyn and Eason avenues, Highland Park.

You may be very sure that they believe in every one of the F’s for without these qualities they could not possibly accomplish so much work. Since last New Years they have finished 50 quilts; and they would surely be fair, friendly, and faithful to do that.

They always finish one quilt a week and sometimes start another. They will make the whole quilt from beginning to end or just quilt it. There is no doubt about these Three F’s earning enough money to fill their quota to go toward the maintenance of the church.

Every Wednesday in their meeting day and a pot luck lunch furnishes the social hour. In the winter the meetings are held in homes of the members and in the summer they all gather at the church. And there are no more summer vacation for these busy quilters. Every week is quilt making week for them and I suspect most of them are carrying patches about in their bags and sewing on them in every spare minute. Don’t you?

The quilt on the frames is a friendship design made from our own Corner Album pattern and is in lavender and whit. Mrs. Elizabeth Kinaman made the quilt and donated it for the bazar.

Mrs. Meryl Brewer, Mrs. Kinsman's daughter, wrote the names and Mrs. Brewer and Mrs. ....

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