Romance of the Village Quilts

December 1936
Michigan State University Museum
Walworth, Wisconsin, United States
The Romance of the Village Quilts
Mary A McElwain Quilt Shop
Walworth, Wisconsin
The catalog features black and white photographs of quilts, with information on how to order the kit to make them. Quilts include: Daisy Chain; Double Irish Chain; Horn of Plenty; American Tapestry; Humming Bird; The Laurel; Romance; Wreath of Leaves; Log Cabin; Rose of 1840; Shasta Daisy; Ohio Rose; Desert Flower; The Grandmother's Fancy; Shoo Fly; Baby Basket; Rainbow Cactus; Baby Star; Oak Leaf and Acorn; Postage Stamp; Conventional Medallion; Rainbow Star; Quilts of a Thousand Prints; Jewel Box; Bear's Paw; Muscatel Grape; Turkey Track; Indian Wreath; Ocean Wave; Ship Quilt; Modern Rose; A.B.C. Crib Quilt; Painted Daisy; Dream Ship. Finished wool or down filled silk quilts included: The Shell; The Continental; The Downy; The Beauty
Two pages features black and white photos of the quilt shop.
There are photos and afghan quilts. The catalog also sells Rock Rive Cotton Batting, Stiles Waxt Thread, metal cutting patterns [templates], and Peter Pan fabrics.
36 pages.
Applique; Piecing; Quilting

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