"Trip Around the World" Quilt Pattern

April 27, 1933
Michigan State University Museum; Detroit News Quilt Club Corner Collection
Detroit, Michigan, United States
A printed quilt pattern distributed through the Detroit News
Reprint From
The Detroit News
'Trip Around the World' Pattern.

by Edith B. Crumb
Here, at last is the "Trip Around the World" quilt pattern for which you have been waiting so long.

At first glance it might appear to be complicated, but just consider that it is made up of four triangular pieces, each one being of the separate strips as shown in the lower illustration. If you wish to have this quilt for a single bed, make only 27 blocks to the longest strip, which is from one corner to the center; and if you would like to have it for a full-sized bed, then make it 31 blocks long.

In making this quilt, make the one long strip as mentioned, then in making the second one leave off the top square; and by leaving off one at the top each time you will find that you will have a triangle when they are joined and when the four triangles are joined around a center square there will be a square showing each two-inch square to continue around the "world."

Be Sure of Number
In the list you will see how much material you will need for each row and you must be positive before starting to sew, that you will have the exact number of pieces or your quilt will be spoiled.

The plain pieces in this quilt are light green and if you would like to have yours laid out like this you will require two yards of plain gree cut in two-inch squares.

The amount of materials for the first few blocks is really too much for only four, eight or 12 squares, but if you do not have scraps and wish to buy it, 1/8 yd is the least you could ask for.

For the center block pick out some pieces of cotton material of which you are especially fond. You will only require one square of this unless you wish to repeat it in one of the other rows.

Row No. 1 - 4 squares.....1/8 yd.
Row No. 2 - 8 squares.....1/8 yd.
Row No. 3 - 12 squares.....1/8 yd.
Row No. 4 - 16 squares.....1/8 yd.
Row No. 5 - 20 squares.....1/8 yd.
Row No. 6 - 24 squares.....1/8 yd.
Row No. 7 - 28 squares.....1/8 yd.
Row No. 8 - 32 squares.....1/6 yd.
Row No. 9 - 36 squares.....1/6 yd.
Row No. 10 - 40 squares.....1/6 yd.
Row No. 11 - 44 squares.....1/6 yd.
Row No. 12 - 48 squares.....1/4 yd.
Row No. 13 - 52 squares.....1/4 yd.
Row No. 14 - 56 squares.....1/4 yd.
Row No. 15 - 60 squares.....1/4 yd.
Row No. 16 - 64 squares.....1/4 yd.
Row No. 17 - 68 squares.....1/4 yd.
Row No. 18 - 72 squares.....1/3 yd.
Row No. 19 - 76 squares.....1/3 yd.
Row No. 20 - 80 squares.....1/3 yd.
Row No. 21 - 84 squares.....1/3 yd.
Row No. 22 - 88 squares.....1/2 yd.
Row No. 23 - 92 squares.....1/2 yd.
Row No. 24 - 96 squares.....1/2 yd.
Row No. 25 - 100 squares.....1/2 yd.
Row No. 26 - 104 squares.....1/2 yd.
Row No. 27 - 108 squares.....1/2 yd.
Row No. 28 - 112 squares.....1/2 yd.
Row No. 29 - 116 squares.....1/2 yd.
Row No. 30 - 117 squares.....1/2 yd.
Row No. 31 - 118 squares.....1/2 yd.

Rows No. 1, 6, 10, 13, 17, 22, 27 and 31 are plain. The other materials are small pattern prints, some with yellow grounds, some with lavender flowers, rose - all delicate tints. The scallops need not be left on the edge, but cut off straight and a border applied. The finishing is left to your own selection. This quilt top was made by the Quilt Club Corner editor and has not been finished with a border or quilting as yet.
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Every block is two inches square.


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