Rags and Tatters Design Finished in Three Weeks

May 28, 1938
Susan Salser; Detroit News Quilt Club Corner Collection
Detroit, Michigan, United States
This is part of Edith B Crumb's Quilt Club Corner column in the Detroit News. This particular columns tells of a quilt made in the Rags and Tatters design that took three weeks to make. It also includes a club birthday list.
Rags and Tatters Design Finished in Three Weeks
By Edith B Crumb
Yesterday our newest member Mrs. G.N. Stott 1726 Bagley Avenue brought to the Quilt Club Corner meeting two quilt tops one the Oak Leaf and the other Rags and Tatters, both from News patterns.
This is the first Rags and Tatters top which has been brought to us and Mrs. Stott says that it took her about three weeks to make it.

The quit is in red, white and blue the gray patches representing the blue and the darker ones the bright red. This quilt is an ideal one for a boy’s room for boys like bright colors and conventional designs.

Each block in the Oak Leaf is in an individual color scheme, the background being white and the joining strips in light blue.

Now Mrs. Stott has the task of quilting these tops so that they will be finished for the Detroit News Quilt Show in the fall.
Mrs. Marian Ridler said to tell everybody that her first picnic will be held next Thursday, June 2 at the same place on Belle Isle. This means to meet at the shelter near the Schiller monument and bring your lunch. These picnics usually start about 11 a.m. and Mrs. Ridler says she has ordered first grade of weather with plenty of sunshine.

May Mancuse 1822 Division street has organized a little neighborhood quilt club which has just eight members ranging in age from six to 20. May doesn’t know what to call the club, so would be very grateful for suggestions. Just drop her a card. She will be delighted to hear from you.

Next week she will bring the 80 wash clothes which she has trimmed with hand crocheted edging and wants you to see them before she turns them over and Nancy Brown for the Carillon bazaar. She says that 12 of them are autographed. Now that May has finished these she has to get busy on a quilt for our show. She has the top almost put together.
A letter has just been received after Mrs. C.L. Allison 416 May St, Cadillac, Mich. It is a long time since she has written to us and it certainly seemed like old times to hear from her. She says that the only member she has heard from is Mrs. A Brown of Lake George. Mrs. Allison went over and spent the weekend with Mrs. Bowen this spring. They exchanged quilt patches and made plans for coming to the next quilt show together.

Mrs. Allison has quilted three quilts and made several tops and has also finished her Friendship Album quilt and says it is very pretty. She has finished 10 blocks of another Dresden Plate, also four of the Chinese Star design, which she hopes to finish soon. She has a garden to take care of and in one corner of the yard she is planning to have a Friendship Garden, so she certainly keeps busy.

Cornerites Birthdays
June 2
Mrs. Lottie Skrobick 1890 Bloom Ave, Detroit Mrs. J.A. Beardsley 20233 Santa Barbara Ave, Detroit

June 3
Mrs. Harry Wells 1011 Bennaville Ave, Birmingham, Mich.

June 4
Mrs. C Bereather 14260 Marshall Ave., East Detroit Mich.
Mrs. F Robertson 934 Marshall Ave, Ferndale, Mich.
Mrs. Anne Zientek 7359 Marcus Ave, Detroit
Mrs. Daniel Sherman 205 Candler ave, Detroit
Mrs. John M Howard 63 Osceola Drive, Pontiac, Mich.

June 5
Grace A Hunt 13941 Pierson Ave, Detroit

June 6
Mrs. Ida Tillman 11033 W Outer Drive, Detroit and Mrs. Georgie McCracken 4252 Monroe Ave, Wayne, Mich.

June 7
Mrs. Samuel Gatge, Algonac, Mich.
Mrs. E Oulette, South Rock, Mich.
Mrs. A Diebolt, 1541 Leslie Ave, Detroit
Mrs. G.N. Scott 1726 Bagley Ave, Detroit

June 8
Mrs. John Wright 1410 Ten Mile road, East Detroit
Mrs. Jane Harbin 101 Logan Ave, London, Ont.
These Members Belong to the Quilt Club Corner
Mrs. G.N. Stott
1726 Bagley Ave, Detroit

Mrs. Eugene Ziegler
2121 Third St.
Trenton, Mich.

Mrs. L.J. Zitnik
18901 Cardoni Ave, Detroit

Mrs. R.K. Ziouski
1844 E Grand Blvd, Detroit

Mrs. Selma Zuechilke
Richmond, Mich.

Mrs. Selma Zuehike
15 Huron Ave
Mt. Clemens, Mich.

Mrs. Olive Denison
265 McClellan Ave, Detroit
Piecing; Quilting

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