Anyone Can Fly

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Top By: Jones, Arlene Kweli
Quilted By: Jones, Arlene Kweli
Period: 2000-2025
Date: 2011
Location Made: United States
Project Name: Michigan State University Museum Collection: WCQN
Contributor: Michigan State University Museum, Quilts and Human Rights, Women of Color Quilters Network
ID Number: 15.0095
Layout Format: Pictorial
Quilt Size: 26" x 34.5"
Fabrics: Cotton
Colors: Blue, Green, White, Yellow, Beige or Tan, Brown, Black, Purple
Inscription: "Quilt Name: Anyone Can Fly Quilted By: Arlene Kweli Jones Size 26" x 34.5" Fabric Used: 100% commercial cotton Design Source: Adapted from City Skylines Construction: Applique, piecing, quilted on domestic sewing machine Date: September 2011 The inspiration for this quilt came from viewing a video Faith Ringgold made several years ago, and my own relationship with my mother. In the video Ms. Ringgold mentions her fondness of the George Washington Bridge and so I included The Bridge in my quilt. As a child, Ms. Ringgold had life threatening asthma attacks, but her mother told her "no one ever died from asthma." Although that statement was untrue, she believed what her mother told her. My mother repeated positive affirmations (as depicted on the cement sidewalk in my quilt) that helped to build my self-image, esteem and in essence, I believed I could fly, a recurring mantra in Ms. Ringgold's works. Anyone can break through all types of obstacles, rise, blossom and work to make their dreams come true- hence, ANYONE CAN FLY. From the song A Rose In Spanish Harlem: "It's growing in the street right up through the concrete, but soft and sweet and dreamin"" my roses are the flowers native to east and west Africa- Birds of Paradise" is typed on muslin and sewn onto the back near the bottom left side of the quilt.
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