Lucy's Leaf

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Top By: Beck, Carol
Quilted By: Beck, Carol
Period: Timespan
Date: c1925
Location Made: Missouri and Durham, North Carolina (NC) United States
Project Name: Michigan State University Museum Collection: WCQN
Contributor: Michigan State University Museum, Quilts and Human Rights, Women of Color Quilters Network
ID Number: 15.0160
Layout Format: Pictorial
Quilt Size: 77 3/4" x 78 1/2"
Fabrics: Cotton, Batiks, Pink tulle
Colors: Green, Pink, Red, White
Construction: Machine Piecing, Hand Applique, Machine Applique, Machine embroidery, Photography/photo transfer, Hand-whipped/blanket stitch, appliqued oak leaves, original stylized cameo, fused photos and fabric, flower images, pink sheer tulle overlay
Description: A narrative pictorial quilt incorporating historical, personal, and familial elements by facilitating a discussion about family, genealogy, and the Great Migration.
Inscription: "Lucy's Leaf" Lucy Neal Hart, Grandmother 1877-1953 Valeska Hart Williams, Mother, 1915- 1995 Carol Beck, Quilt Artist, 1938- Present (c) Carol Beck, 2004 Durham, North Carolina
Related Items/Publications: Clippings or photocopies, templates, artist statement
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