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Pattern Names: Friendship Quilt, Ridgway Family Quilt
Period: 1800-1849
Date: 1841 to 1851
Location Made: New Jersey (NJ) USA
Project Name: Permanent Collection
Contributor: DAR Museum
ID Number: 86.125
Brackman Number: 2800
Layout Format: Block pattern
Quilt Size: 91 inches x 91 1/4 inches
Fabrics: Cotton, Solid/plain
Colors: White, Green, Yellow, Pink, Red
Construction: Hand Piecing
Quilting Techniques: Hand quilting
Purpose or Function: Unknown
Other Notes: The inscriptions on the quilt are of many members of the Ridgway family of Gloucester City, New Jersey. Most of the signers were young married couples with infants or teenagers. Occupations of the men included farmers, shoemaker and carpenter. Some of the signers were neighbors. It is impossible to determine the maker at this point in the research. The name Ridgway is spelled with an "e" by the donor only.
Inscription: 1A Lydia Ann Murphy Philadelphia (cornucopia) IB Elizabeth Murphy Sept 14 1847 1C 1D 1E Elizabeth P. Ridgway I will remember the works of the lord (original owner) 1F Elizabeth P Henry When this you see Remember Me April 2 1844 1G Sarah T Murphy Feb 10 1846 1H Joseph and Elizabeth Henry April 19 1844 1J William Park Philadelphia Feb 10 184- 1K Ann Ridgway October 20 1845 Clark Tomlin March 19 1846 2A Abigail Ridgway June 12 1848 2B Elizabeth (Real) Philadelphia February 10 1848 2C Emma M Wilson March 19 1846 2D Diseree - of the State of Pennsylvania Feb 22 1850 2E Thou art my God Thy righteous will instruct me to obey Harriet (F) Wilson April 4 1844 2F 2G Clark K Tomlin March 19 1848 2H Clark Ridgway March 6 1849 2I Elizabeth Ridgway The State of New York Feb 10 1842 2J 2K Jacob L Ridgway Oct 20 1845 3A 3B Sarah Murphy Sept 10 1845 3C Sarah Stillman March 19 1845 3D Samuel P Ridgway March 6 1849 3E Joseph W Tomlin March 19 1845 3F Elizabeth Ridgway Dec 22 1851 3G Lydia Ann Tomlin Dec 24 1851 3H Martha Ridgway March 6 1849 3I Rebecka (Homer) Feb 22 1847 4A Joseph Ridgway Feb 22 1847 4B 4C Charlotte Ridgway Feb 22 1847 4D Martha Ridgway March 6 1849 4E Moses Tomlin March 19 1848 4F Elizabeth Lutz Feb 10 184- 4G Amanda Tomlin March 19 1848 4H But it was through my ---- and my familiar friend Sarah Ann Murphy 4I Mary Moore April 29 1844 For he shall give his angels charge over the to keep the in all thy ways 4J Pierson Cole March 6 1849 5A Withdraw not thou thy help nor cast me from thy sight Mary Ridgway April 1 1849 5B Benjamin Ridgway April 11 1848 5C Consider that the righteous man is gods peculiar choice John S. Ridgway 5D 5E Samuel Ridgway the State of New York Feb 10 1846 5F Aaron Myers Jan 21 1850 5G Elizabeth Coles March 6 1848 6A Elizabeth F Ridgway April 6 1845 6B Charles L Wilson March 19 1846 6C Richard Moore Departed this life Sept 24 1841 6D Mary L Ridgway April 11 1845 Catherine Myers Jan 1850
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