Coralane Boyes


        Ionia, Michigan, United States    

Great-granddaughter of Mary Gardner Crawford
Coralane Boyes is a fourth generation quilter. She finished a top made by her great-grandmother and her grandmother and mother were also quilters. In a letter dated April 17, 1985 she says:

I have pieced and quilted since the mid 1930s. I still do this type of thing. Presently I have on my quilting frames a quilt with the blocks hand-painted (probably in the 1950s)...We have a family tradition of piecing blocks for a quilt for the bride, as a wedding gift. The blocks were made by sisters, cousins, grandmothers, aunts, god-mothers, mother and then I finished the quilt. Some of these were tied but the last two quilted... Most of the work I have done has been of a practical nature as we used them on the beds daily. So you can see they were not fancy, as some of the ones I see today. Over the period of years I have quilted about twenty quilts and tied more than that.

I have made quilts, because I enjoy doing it. I like to use my hands and get satisfaction from using materials I have on hand rather than throwing them away, as so many people have done. Other than the first 2 quilts that I made in the 1930s (which I sewed on the machine) I have had much more satisfaction of doing them by the old-fashioned way. I find them softer and more pliable. All our quilts have been made to be used. I therefore have put new outting flannel in them. Or some of them have had old outting flannel blankets put in them. I have worked with batts, but other than making for baby quilts as gifts I prefer not to use batts. In early years I did use batts, but frequent washings made them bunch too soon. I have some friends baby quilts that have bunched from the modern batts...but some seem to hold better than others.

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Coralane Boyes

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Ionia High School

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Portland, Ionia County, Michigan (MI), United States

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Guy McLeod

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Floy VanHouten McLeod

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Harry E. Boyes

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Public relations

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I would not call it teaching, but have helped other people get started...either piecing tops or showed them some of my works. Have also helped others tie quilts.

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