Armenia Winchcomb


        Traverse City, Michigan, United States    

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Armenia Winchcomb was born in New York on April 9, 589, one of ten children of John and Elizabeth Winchcomb. The Winchcombs emigrated from England in 1841 and eventually settled in Traverse City, Armenia, who never married, lived on 10th Street in Traverse City and worked as a seamstress for 40 years until her death in 1934.

Made by Armenia Winchcomb about 1900. She was born in N.Y. State, 4/9/1859 died 4/7/1934 in Traverse City and is buried in T.C. She was daughter fo John and Elizabeth Winchcomb who came from England about 1841. Later they moved to Grand Traverse County about 1850. John and Elizabeth had ten children. Mark Monroe's parents came from England to New York state and on to help settle Monroe Center which is South west of Traverse City. Mark Monroe 1843-1898. Married Charlotte Winchcomb 1873-1890. Son Harry Monroe, 1976-1961 married Pearl McKinley, daughter Bethea Charlotte Monroe Berg. Mark Monroe married sister of Charlotte in 1891 married Mercy Winchcomb 1961-1918 daughter Dora Esther Monroe 1894-1900.
Armenia was sister of Charlotte and Mercy. She never married, and after death of Mark Monroe she lived with Mercy Monroe. She was a seamstress and lived on W. 10h St. in Traverse City about forty years. She is buried in Traverse City Cemetary.
Mark Monroe, 1843-1898 married Lottie A. Winchcomb ?-1890, had Harry A. Monroe 1876-1975 who married Pearl McKinley and had Bethea, 1907 who married Arthur Berg, no children.
B. Edward A. Monroe 1879-1957 married Louise 1879-1951 had Marion, 3 daughters.
Mark Marr, Lottie's sister Mercy Winchcomb, 1863-1918, Married . Nov. 1892 Dora, 1894-1900.
Mark, Lottie, Dora, buried in Monroe Center Cem.
Mercy, Mena, Edward, Louise, buried in Traverse City Cem.
Harry, Pearl, buried Ashland Cem. Grant, MI

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Marsha MacDowell, Ruth Fitzgerald

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Date and place of death.

4/7/1934, buried in Traverse City Cemetary

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Father's Name:

John Winchcomb

Father's birthplace:

Born in England, emigrated to New York in 1841. Moved to Grand Traverse county in 1850.

Mother's Name:

Elizabeth Winchcomb, had 10 children

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