Detroit News Quilt Club Corner Collection

Marsha MacDowell is curator at the Michigan State University Museum in East Lansing, Michigan. She first became aware of The Quilt Club Corner when, as a teenager, she inherited the quilt scrapbook of her great-grandmother, Alice Ginger Lane, filled with clippings of the column and correspondence with fellow quilt club members.

Harriet Clarke brought her quilts to a Quilt Documentation Day sponsored by the Michigan Quilt Project and the Michigan State University Museum in 1985. Clarke's mother, grandmother and aunt had made dozens of quilts, many made with patterns from the Detroit News. When she donated her family quilts to the Michigan State University Museum, she included clippings from The Quilt Club Corner, where her grandmother was a member.

Susan Salser's grandmother, Mary Gasperik, was a quiltmaker who was a member of The Quilt Club Corner. She entered contests and garnered much praise from the Detroit News Quilt columnist and Beauty in the Home editor, Edith Crumb. In 1992 Karen Finn and Susan Salser assisted The Amador Valley Quilt Guild in organizing an exhibition of Mary Gasperik's quilts. In the ensuing 15 years, Susan Salser located or identified the remaining quilts and worked to identify every single quilt pattern, quilting design, or packaged quilt kit that her grandmother used. This led Salser to an exhaustive search of the Detroit News (and some Detroit Free Press) looking for quilt patterns and links to Gasperik. At her local library she requested microfiche files of the Detroit News and shared them with the Michigan State University Museum. The MSU Museum got permission from the Detroit News to present the files in the Quilt Index.

Financial support for this project was provided by the Salser Family Foundation and the Harriet Clarke Quilt Endowment.

Quilt Title

Artist Name     Contributer

1800     Location, Place

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Quilt Size: 61 inches x 61 inches

Fabrics: Cotton, Geometric, Novelty, Solid/plain

Construction: Machine Piecing

Quilting Techniques: Machine quilting

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