Sears Quilt Contest Project: 003. First Place Winners in 10 Regional Rounds

First Place Winners in 10 Regional Rounds

Sears Roebuck & Co. organized the national quilt contest to include their local stores as well as their regional mail order centers.  Quilters who were unable to get to a store could send in their quilt entry to one of the ten regional distribution centers.  After local rounds and mail order judging, three quilts from each region were sent to Chicago for judging.  Only the 30 finalists were exhibited that summer of 1933 at the Sears Pavilion on the World’s Fair site. 

In the summer of 1934, the World’s Fair organizers decided to reopen with some new attractions.  In the Sears Pavilion, Sue Roberts, the contest organizer invited back the top ten winning quilts.  Sears photographed them on display.  Is the Caden quilt there?  Look at the very last quilt—it just might be the Star of the Bluegrass.  The only first place quilt not found is the Boston winner:  Mrs. M. A. Harvey, Springfield, MA.

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