Sample Quilt Index Ingestion Form

To create a record, contributing collection fills in the appropriate information below and submits it to the Index. The inputter can then review the information they entered, make any corrections necessary and save it as it is or upload a file for the record. Information entry and image entry can be done separately, allowing a data entry person and a digitizer to work at separate times and/or in different locations.


Institution name

Institution project name

Institutional inventory control numbers

Alternative inventory control number



Other relationship to source

Date of data collection

Relationship of source person to quilt

Quilt maker

Quilt owner

Participation in design of the quilt

Other relationship of source person to quilt


Type of quilt object

Other type of quilt object

Quilt's title

Owner's name for quilt's pattern

Alternate name(s) for quilt’s pattern in common use

Brackman number

Overall width measurement

Overall length measurement

Shape of edge

Other shape of edge

Shape of corners

Other shape of corners

Predominant color(s)

Quilt-specific colors

Overall color scheme

Overall condition

Damage to quilt

Other damage to quilt

Repairs to quilt

Other repairs to quilt

Comments or notes on quilt's condition or repair history.

Type(s) of inscription

Other type(s) of inscription

Content of inscription(s)


Method of inscription

Other method of inscription

Location of inscription

Other location of inscription

Further information concerning date(s)

Time period

Date quilt begun

Date quilt finished

Family/owner's date for quilt

Other external or professional date estimation

Other date estimation by whom?


Layout format

Subject of quilt, if it has one

Number of quilt blocks

Size of quilt blocks (L x W)

Arrangement of quilt blocks: block orientation

Spacing relative to other blocks

Other spacing

Number of different block patterns present

Block style

Medallion size

Sashing width

Number of borders

Border description


Fiber types used in quilt top

Fabric types used in quilt top

Fabric prints used in quilt top

Other fiber, fabric, or fabric print types used

Construction techniques used in quilt top: piecing technique

Construction techniques used in quilt top: applique techniques

Construction techniques used in quilt top: novelty technique

Were embellishment techniques used in the quilt?

Construction techniques used in quilt top: embellishment techniques

Unique or other construction techniques

Contains paper remains?

Embellishment materials used in top

Unique embellishments


Fabric fiber types used in quilt back.

Other fabric fiber types used in quilt back

Number of pieces in quilt back

Width of pieces

Description of back


Materials used in quilt binding

Fabric structure used in binding

Unique binding materials

Construction techniques used in binding

Width of quilt binding

If previously undefined, what is the width of the quilt binding?


Material used for quilt batting or filling

Batting loft

Unique or other batting


Quilting techniques used

Thread type

Thread color

Number of quilting stitches per inch (Place 1)

Number of quilting stitches per inch (Place 2)

Width between quilting lines (in inches)

Knots visible?

Quilting designs used: motif/overall patterns

Quilting designs used: decorative patterns

Quilting designs used: background fill patterns

Other quilting designs used


Any other features or notes about the quilt's appearance, materials, or construction.


If quilting group, group name

Quilt top made by

Quilted by

Other people who worked on this quilt








Occasion, date, person inherited from, etc.

Any additional stories or notes about the quilt's ownership or history

How was quilt acquired by owner?


Quiltmaker's reasons for making the quilt

Please explain other occasion, if applicable

Quilt was originally designed to be used as

Other previous use(s) of quilt

Quilt is presently used as

Other present use(s) of quilt


Source of quilt's materials

Other source(s) of quilt's materials

Quilt top pattern source

Other top pattern source(s)

Commercial source name(s)

Quilting design pattern source

Other quilting design pattern source

Commercial quilting design source name

Any additional notes or stories about the quilt's design or materials source


Title of exhibit

Location of exhibit

Date of exhibit

Type of exhibit venue

Exhibition venue


Contest name

Contest location

Date of contest

Prizes or awards won by quilt


Ownership of this quilt is

Name and location of quilt owner


Other related items such as image, oral history, or ephemera


Quiltmaker's maiden name


Birth date

Group's founding date

Marriage date

Death date

Group's ending date

Ethnic background/tribal affiliation

Educational background

Religious affiliation


Unique characteristics of the group

In which kind of environment did the quiltmaker grow up?


Street address




Zip code




Phone number


Father's name

Father's birthplace

Father's ethnic/tribal background

Mother's name

Mother's birthplace

Mother's ethnic/tribal background

Spouse's/spouses' name(s)

Spouse's/spouses' ethnic/tribal background

Spouse's/spouses' occupation

Number of children

Number of female children

Number of male children


How did the quiltmaker learn to quilt?

When learned to quilt?

Why does/did the quiltmaker quilt?

Other, why the quiltmaker quilts


Name of quilting group

Location of group

Specialized activities/events of quilting group


Estimated number of quilts made by this quilter

Does/did quiltmaker sell quilts?

What price was charged for the quilts and when were they sold?

Does/did quiltmaker teach quilting?

Describe the quiltmaker's unique or favorite materials, patterns, quilting techniques, etc.

Describe any unique traditions, quilting related customs, beliefs, songs, or rhymes used by the quilt maker.

Any other notes or stories about the quiltmaker


Available sources for quiltmaker.


Institutional accession/inventory numbers of image

Content of image

Type of image

Source of image

Other image source

Size of source image in inches

Date source image was taken

Photo credit

Date source image digitized

Access and copyright information for image

For holder of copyright, contact

Credit line/Surveyed by

For copy restriction, contact

For distribution restriction, contact

For display restriction, contact

For licensing, contact


File function

File medium

File format

File size

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