Mary Gardner Crawford


  Ionia, Michigan, United States    

Great-grandmother of Coralane Boyes
In 1879, the Presbyterian Church of Ionia presented the following proclamation to Mary Gardner Crawford:

At a meeting of the Ladies Missionary Society of the First Presbyterian Church of Ionia Mich. held the 16th day of May 1879, the following Preamble and Resolution were unanimously adopted.

Whereas Mrs. Mary Crawford, one of the oldest members of this church has, during the past eight years or more, made with her own hands and presented to our Society upwards of eighteen bed quilts to be sold for the benefit of its treasury, therefore

Resolved, that we hereby express, not only our high appreciation of Mrs. Crawford's remarkable industry at her advanced age, but, also our deepest gratitude in view of that large-hearted generosity which has prompted our sister to make these offerings to the cause of Home Missions. And we most sincerely pray that the richest blessings of Him whose grace led her to bestow these gifts and who always rewards the benevolent deeds of his children may descend upon her. By order of the society.

The family tradition says that this native of Ireland enjoyed making quilts and that several family members have examples of her quilts.

Was the maker a woman, man or a group?


When was the quiltmaker born?


If the quiltmaker was married, what was the wedding date.

Date and place of death.


Religious affiliation:


Where was the quiltmaker born?

Balymena, , Ireland

Quiltmaker's maiden name:


Father's Name:

John Gardner

Mother's Name:

Mary Mitchel Gardner

Spouse's/Spouses' name(s):

James Crawford

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