Mrs. Mary Gasperik,

August 16, 1946
Mary Gasperik Legacy Project; Susan Salser
Springfield, Illinois, United States
Congratulations and pattern request for "Daisies Don't Tell" pattern.
August 16, 1946.
Mrs. Mary Gasperik
9314 Cottage Grove avenue,
Chicago 19, Illinois.

Dear Mrs. Gasperik:

First of all, May I congratulate you on your prize winning quilt “Daisies Won’t Tell” now on exhibit at the Illinois State Fair?

I admired your quilt very much and would greatly appreciate if if you would be so kind as to thell me where the pattern may be purchased for the quilt.

I am enclosing a self-addressed stamped envelope for you convenience in replying.

Very truly yours,
Mrs. Ferne Thompson.
2328 South Ninth Street,
Springfield, Illinois

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