Mrs. Gasperik Wins Prizes

September 23, 1953
Mary Gasperik Legacy Project; Susan Salser
East Hazelcrest, Illinois, United States
Announcement of Gasperik winning prizes in Detroit.
Mrs. Gasperik Winds Prizes

It has come to our attention that one of the women of our village, Mrs. Stephen Gasperik, was awarded 2 first prizes & a second prize at the Ill. State Fair for her quilts. The 2 firsts were given for her "Delectable Mountain" & "Bridal Bouquet". The second place ribbon was place on her "Indiana Wreath". Last year she won a 1st & two 3rds.

Quilting is almost a lost art, requiring a tremendous amount of patience & skill with a needle.

Mrs. Gasperik is to be congratulated on her skill & her awards.

The Gasperiks are a retired couple who moved to our village only a few yrs. ago to 1411 W. 174th St. If awards were given for such, Mr. Gasperik would probably get some sort of ribbon for the beautiful yard & colorful flowers surrounding his house this summer.

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