California Heritage Quilt Project

The California Heritage Quilt Project is looking for interested people to join our revival effort in getting the CHQP moving forward to finally get California’s quilt heritage into the Quilt Index. Please contact Arlene Stevens, for more information.

Records Housed: American Quilt Research Center, Los Angeles County Museum of Art. 
Documentation Dates: 1983 (completed)
Parameters: statewide, cut-off date of 1945
Total Quilts: 3,300 (est.)
Total Documentation Days (Number of documentation days held): 32
Publication information (if any):
Laury, Jean Ray, and the California Heritage Quilt Project. Ho For California!: Pioneer Woman and Their Quilts; E.P. Dutton, New York: New York, 1990.

This book was one of the products of the The California Heritage Quilt Project's documentations.

Schneider, Linda Susan. The California quilt and the California quiltmaker, 1850-1945. Thesis in support of the MS degree; California State University, Fresno, California, 2002. Advisor: Carolyn B Jackson. 81 pages. 

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