Georgia Quilt Project

The Georgia Quilt Project was formed in 1988 as outgrowth of the North Georgia Quilt Council (now Georgia Quilt Council). With seed money from the NGQC, the project incorporated as of a non-profit in 1989.
Goals of the project were:

•​to create an archive of information about the quilts and quiltmakers of Georgia;
• to encourage appreciation and preservation of Georgia's quilts; and
• to promote and encourage the art of quiltmaking and the appreciation of quilts through education.

All quilts in Georgia were eligible for registry. After spending 1989 training volunteers and fundraising, the first Quilt History Day was held in March of 1990. The Georgia Quilt Project documented more than 8,000 quilts between 1990 and 1993 and more than 1,000 quilts have been documented since then.

The project produced a book in 2006, Georgia Quilts: Piecing Together A History, edited by Anita Zaleski Weinraub.

Georgia Quilts: Piecing Together A History

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