Coping with Cancer Clouds



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Schaldenbrand, Meen. Coping with Cancer Clouds. December 2018. From Michigan State University Museum, Michigan Quilt Project; Quilts and Health. Published in The Quilt Index, Accessed: 01/20/21



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The Cancer journey from diagnosis to treatment is a roller coaster ride. It requires courage, faith, strength, support, and hope as patients also deal with anxiety and uncertainty. Counting blessings can provide a greater appreciation of life. The dragonfly signifies strength, and the wishing well anticipates a cure.

Some believe that dream catchers are a filter for dreams, trapping bad dreams in the web and allow good dreams to pass through feathers and beads while asleep. The treasure chest holds strength and time. The outer web traps the bad dreams as cancer patients undergo treatments with chemotherapy, radiation and medications.

Applique, die cuts, hand embroidery around ric rac, machine embroidery, machine quilting, stamping. Text designed in Make the Cut software and printed on fabric.

Who documented this quilt?

Michigan Quilt Project; Quilts and Health

Where are the records for this quilt housed?

Michigan State University Museum

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What is the title of the quilt?

Coping with Cancer Clouds

Who helped you fill out the form?

Meena Schaldenbrand

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Who made the quilt top?

Schaldenbrand, Meena

Who did the quilting?

Schaldenbrand, Meena

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Where was the quilt made (state)?

Michigan (MI)

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United States

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When was the quilt finished?

December 2018

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Art or personal expression

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Artwork/wall hanging

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Finished quilt

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Excellent/like new

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Text printed on fabric,machine embroidered text, diecuts

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Attached label, Computer generated, Printed in the fabric

What is the layout (or set) of the quilt?

Nontraditional or art

What types of fiber were used to make the quilt top?

Cotton, Other synthetic

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What applique method was used to make the quilt top?

Hand Applique, Machine Applique, Fusible Applique, Blanket, buttonhole, or other decorative applique stitch

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Attachments (beading, charms, buttons, etc), Embroidery, Ink drawing, Painting, Other embellishment technique

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Die cuts designed on computer and cut with an electronic cutter

What embellishment materials were used to make the quilt top?

Beads attached, Charms attached

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ric rac, sequins, trims, yarns

What fibers were used to make the quilt back?

Cotton, Synthetic

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Cheesecloth, lace, lame, net, silk tie, window screen.

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Separate binding applied, Front turned to back

What is the width of the binding (front side only)?

less than a half inch

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How are the quilt layers held together?

Machine quilting

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Describe the color(s) of thread used to hold the quilt layers together.

Mulitple opalescent

Describe the overall quilt design.

In-the-ditch, Outline

How did the quilt maker acquire the fabric for this quilt?

Purchased new, Sewing scraps

What is the source of the quilt's pattern?

Commercial/Published source: Computer software, Original to maker

List all known exhibits where this quilt has been displayed.

Sacred Threads
GAAQG Virtual Quilt Show
American Quilter’s Society accepted by both Paducah and Grand Rapids 2020 but cancelled due to COVID
International Quilt Festival virtual 2020

Who documented this quilt?

Quilt owner, Quiltmaker

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Meena Schaldenbrand

Quilt owner's city:


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Quilt owner's state.

Michigan (MI)

Quilt owner's country:

United States

How did the owner acquire this quilt?

Made by owner


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Who photographed this quilt?

Meena Schaldenbrand

Who is the copyright holder?

Meena Schaldenbrand