Two Blind Mice and a Wild-Type



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Conley, Shanno. Two Blind Mice and a Wild-Type. 2015. From Michigan State University Museum, Michigan Quilt Project; Michigan State University Museum; Quilts and Health. Published in The Quilt Index, Accessed: 03/02/21



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These diseases lack effective cures/treatments, due largely to an ongoing lack of knowledge about the underlying disease mechanisms. Knockout and knockin mice are genetically engineered to carry mutations in their genome to model debilitating diseases, critical since it is difficult to study many diseases in human patients. The scientific and medical advancements that have resulted from use of these models cannot be overstated, and much of our knowledge about these diseases is a direct result of the use of these animal models. This quilt re-interprets my fluorescein angiograms--pictures of the blood vessels in the eye--from mice with diabetic retinopathy (top) and macular dystrophy (bottom), as well as their normal or wild-type counterpart (middle). We use these specialized mice to study the pathobiological mechanisms associated with these blinding retinal degenerations and to develop and test novel treatments. I created this piece to help bring to light the crucial role that biomedical research and model systems play in fostering our understanding of critical human diseases.

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Michigan Quilt Project; Michigan State University Museum; Quilts and Health

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Michigan State University Museum, Quilts and Health

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Two Blind Mice and a Wild-Type

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Eye disease

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Conley, Shannon

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Conley, Shannon

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Oklahoma (OK)

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United States

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Museum collection

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Finished quilt

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Blue, Gold

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Excellent/like new

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Machine Piecing

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Beads attached

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Machine quilting

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Public- Michigan State University Museum

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East Lansing

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Michigan (MI)

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United States

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Pearl Yee Wong