Log Cabin; Log Cabin





Where are the records for this quilt housed?

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

Who documented this quilt?

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum accession number:


Alternate inventory control number:


This is a:

Finished quilt

Quilt's title:

Log Cabin

Names for quilt's pattern in common use:

Log Cabin

How wide is the quilt?

63.000 inches

How long is the quilt?

74.000 inches

Shape of corners:


Quilt's condition:


Time period:


When was the quilt finished?


Describe the quilt's layout:

Block pattern

Describe the borders:

Dim/Block: 5.5" x 5.5" Dim/Sash: none Dim/Border1: none Dim/Border2: none Dim/Border3: none Dim/Binding: 0.5" Other Dim Dtls (see Descr)

Fiber types used to make the quilt top:


Fabric styles used in the quilt top:

Solid/plain; Plaid; Geometric; Floral; Dotted; Checked; Striped

Piecing techniques used to make the quilt top:

Hand Piecing

Applique techniques used to make the quilt top:

Hand Applique

Materials used to make the back:


Materials used in the quilt binding:


How is the binding made?

Straight grain; Hand sewn

What kind of filling is used in the quilt?

No filling

How are the layers held together?

Hand quilting

Features or notes about the quilt's appearance, materials, or construction:

RMQM Search Terms: Other Block: 11 blocks x 13 blocks, alternating dark and light squares Other Sash: Other Border1: Other Border2: Other Border3: Other Binding: hand, straight, quilter-made, back to front, tan cotton Other Dim Dtls: ------------------------------------------------------- Other Artist Names/Info: ------------------------------------------------------- Other Medium/FiberT: Other Material/FabricT: Other Technique/Fab Prts: ------------------------------------------------------- Other Layout Fmt: ------------------------------------------------------- Other Piecing Techn: Other Appliq Techn: Other Novelty Techn: Other Embell Techn & Items: Unique Constr Techn: ------------------------------------------------------- Other Quilting Techn: QStitches/Inch Place1: 5 QStitches/Inch Place2: 6 Thread: single white cotton Quilting Designs Used: diagonal ------------------------------------------------------- Overall Color Scheme: Other PredomCol: Other QSpecificCol: ------------------------------------------------------- Batting: none Backing: pieced cotton Edge Shape: Corner Shape: straight ------------------------------------------------------- Add'l Info re Q's Appear/Matls/Constr: Add'l Info re Q's Design/Sources:

Quilt top made by:

Dickinson, Mary Jane Ruggles

Quilted by:

Dickinson, Mary Jane Ruggles

Other people who worked on this quilt:

quiltmaker, unknown

Where the quilt was made, state:

Colorado (CO)

Where the quilt was made, country:

United States

How was this quilt acquired?


Describe anything about the history of the quilt that wasn't already recorded in a previous field:

This quilt was made c.1900 by Mary Jane Ruggles Dickenson (Jan 1, 1848 - Mar 18, 1925). She was the mother of Bess Dickenson Appel. The 143 blocks are made from assorted cotton scraps, with a red center patch in each block. The blocks are hand pieced onto fabric foundations, and hand quilted diagonally across each one. The quilt is well-used, worn and faded, with some stains. Mary Jane Ruggles married Martin Dickinson on Sept 24, 1864. They moved to Granada, CO in 1887. Mr. Dickinson had a general store in Granada. He fought in the Civil War. This quilt is one of several made by members of the Appel family and donated to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. HowAcquired: Donated to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum by Ella Appel. Ownership/History: Made by Mary Jane Ruggles (Jan 1, 1848-March 18, 1925). LocMade: unknown

Why was the quilt made?


The quilt was made to be used for:


Quilt is presently used as:

Museum collection

Ownership of this quilt is:

Public Museum, Library or Institution

Quilt owner's name:

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

Quilt owner's city:


Quilt owner's state:

Colorado (CO)

Quilt owner's country:

United States

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Copyright holder:

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

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