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Schenectady County

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Who documented this quilt?

New York Quilt Project

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American Folk Art Museum

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New York (NY)

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This quilt was given to the current owner by Lula Carpenter who was the quiltmaker's granddaughter. The next owner of this quilt will be the current owner's daughter.

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Bass, Mary Lucina

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The quiltmaker was 45 when this quilt was made.

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This quilt was made to celebrate the G.A.R. (Grand Army of the Republic).

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Other source for the quilt pattern used on this quilt.

The patterns are symbols of the Army Corps from the Civil War.

8. What is the birthplace of the quiltmaker?


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New York

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United States

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New York (NY)



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United States

10. What can you tell me about the quiltmaker's background? 26. Is there anything else we should know about this quilt?

The quiltmaker was a schoolteacher at the age of 16; she was the grand mistress of the G.A.R. The quiltmaker's husband fought in the war at the age of 16. There is a daughter in the family who is also a quilter.

11. What is the national origin of the quiltmaker's family? Father's family?

The father's family was English.

What is the national origin of the quiltmaker's family? Mother's family?

The mother's family was English.

12. Is a religious affiliation of the maker important to the quilt? Is so, how? 13. Did the family attend religious services? Is so, which institution and where?

The quiltmaker's family attended religious services at a Baptist Church.

What was his/her occupation?


15. Did the quiltmaker have children? ___How many?___ If you know their names, please indicate.

The quiltmaker had one child named William.

16. Are there any photographs of the quiltmaker? 17. Did the quiltmaker leave any letters, diaries, or written records? 18. Are there any sewing tools...? 19. Are there any other quilts by the same maker? 25. Does this quilt live with other quilts?

There are photographs of the quiltmaker. The quiltmaker left behind written records but there is no mention of quilts.

Do you know any other name for this pattern?

Army Corps Symbols

Description (describe the quilt in one or two sentences.

This quilt has Army Corp symbols from the Civil War; it was made for the Grand Army of the Republic. 

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75 1/2"

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30 blocks

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Quilt top with unfinished edge

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Red; White

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Side by side

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Delegation ribbons


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