Baskets of Fruit





Where are the records for this quilt housed?

Museum of Texas Tech University

Name of the quilt project who collected this information.

Museum of Texas Tech University Quilt Documentation Project

Documentation Project Number


If you are a relative of the quiltmaker, how are you related? The quiltmaker is my:


What type of quilted object is this?

Finished quilt

What is the title of the quilt? (Usually used for contemporary and/or art quilts).

Baskets of Fruit

How wide is the quilt? Specify units of measure (cm or in)


How long is the quilt? Specify unit of measure (cm or in).


What is the shape of the quilt's edge?


What color(s) is the quilt?

Beige or Tan; Blue; Brown; Green; Orange; Pink; Purple; Red; Yellow

What is the best description of the quilt's condition?

Excellent/like new

Choose the time frame that best describes when the quilt was made.


What is the layout (or set) of the quilt?

Block pattern

What is the subject of the quilt?

baskets of fruit Ruby McKim

How many blocks are in the quilt?


What size are the blocks?

~9" x 9"

How are the blocks arranged in the quilt?

On point or rotated on 45 degrees

How are the blocks spaced in the quilt?

Side by side

If one shape is used throughout the quilt, what is that shape?


Describe the style of the borders.

1 (Triangles of color within quilt. Pieced quarter square triangle.)

What types of prints were used to make the quilt top?


What piecing method was used to make the quilt top?


What applique method was used to make the quilt top?

Blanket, buttonhole, or other decorative applique stitch; Hand Applique

What embellishments were used to make the quilt top?


Enter any unusual technique that hasn't been described in a previous field.

Hand pieced? Dimensional embroidery

What fibers were used to make the quilt back?


What color is the back of the quilt?

Beige or Tan

How many pieces of fabric were used to make the quilt back?


How do you describe the quilt's back?

Same fabric used throughout

What construction technique was used to finish the edge of the quilt?

Separate binding applied; Bias grain; Home cut

What is the fiber content of the quilt filling?


Describe quilting techniques not listed above.

Hand quilting?

Describe any quilting designs that appear on the quilt, but were not listed in a previous field.


Where was the quilt made (city)?


Where was the quilt made (county)?


Where was the quilt made (state)?

Ohio (OH)

The quilt was made to be used for:

Challenge or contest entry

Please explain other reasons why the quilt was made.

Ohio State Fair

How is the quilt used?

Bedding, special occasion; Keepsake/memento

What is the source of the quilt's pattern?

Traditional pattern variation

Enter the commercial name of the top's pattern if you know it.

Possibly newspaper or Ruby McKim Studios

List all known exhibits where this quilt has been displayed.

Baskets of fruit

Ownership of this quilt is:


Quilt owner's name:

Stephanie Lee Smith

Tell the story of how the quilt was obtained.

Inherited on 10/17/1975.

Who made the quilt top?

Smith, Evelyn Mertz

Who did the quilting?

Smith, Evelyn Mertz

If applicable, when did the quilt maker die?

June 1976

What environment did the quilt maker live in?


What is/was the quilt maker's father's name?


How many quilts has the quilt maker made?

1-5 quilts

Are there any stories about the quilt maker?

Mertz is her maiden name. She quilted in her younger life and did knitting later. I do not know which quilt or several that won a blue ribbon at the fair. She has several. Others went to my sibling in 1975 when my grandmother died. I recieved this quilt in 1975. I believe that she never had a sewing machine and she was not significantly social so I think everything was done by her hand. She married Rondo Smith. Family date for quilt is 1940s. Evelyn taught owner to knit when she was about 6. She always had her work used and displayed in her home. Oval leaves. Fruit - vines. Embroidery detail is exquisite. Pattern probably gotten from newspaper or Ruby McKim Studio.

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Who owns the copyright to the image.

Museum of Texas Tech University, all rights reserved

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