Yunnan Nationalities Museum

Yunnan Nationalities Museum is situated in the beautiful Kunming Dianchi National Tourist Resort, in China.

Kunming, China

Museum Website

The Yunnan Nationalities is open to the public and the whole complex is shaped like a cloistered courtyard. As a standing council unit of the Museums Association of China and a member of the Southwest China Museum Association, it is rated as a national first-class museum, the largest nationalities museum in China and a famous museum in Asia. Since its inception, it has been successively awarded the titles of “National Popular Science Education Base”, “National Unity and Progress Education Base”, “Yunnan Patriotism Education Base” and “Provincial Civilized Unit”. It is not only acting as a teaching, research and practice bases of nearly 40 primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary institutions but serving as an important place for the ethnic compatriots to celebrate their own festivals in Kunming as well. The museum staff team consists of 83 persons from 18 ethnic groups, including 21 senior museological title holders.