Quilts and Art: Value Systems in Conflict


From The Quilt Journal - An International Review, Vol. 4, No. 1.


By: Weidlich, Lorre M.

Editor Notes: What's art and what isn't? And: Who's an artist and who isn't? The questions trouble all areas of creative endeavor, quiltsincluded. In the 1970s when quilts moved to museum and gallery walls and collectors' homes, and an "art quilt" movement began, the questions became particularly significant. In this article, Lorre Weidlich explores some aspects of the issue, particularly as it relates to our perceptions of quilts made today.

Author Notes: Dr. Lorre Weidlich is a folklorist who specializes in the analysis of contemporary quilt culture, while moving in that culture asa quilter, designer, teacher, and judge. After obtaining her Ph.D. in 1986 from the University of Texas at Austin, she pursued a non-academic path for several years. Since moving back intos cholarship, she has published in the The Quilt Journal and American Quilter and has had quilt-related research accepted forpresentation at American Folklore Society meetings.