Documenting Britain's Quilts: A Look at the Findings


From The Quilt Journal - An International Review, Vol. 4, No. 1.


By: Rae, Janet

Editor Notes: The Quilters' Guild, a British educational charity, com-pleted in 1993 a three-year quilt documentation programme,the British Quilt Heritage Project, conducted in England, Scotland and Wales. A total of 4,183 items were recorded at 30 different venues. The book of the Project, Quilt Treasures: The Quilters' Guild Heritage Search, was published by Deirdre McDonald Books in London in June. It will be published in the United States by Rutledge Hill Press inthe spring of 1996. Here Janet Rae, the Guild's Heritage Officer at the time of the Project, and general editor of the book, reports on the survey's findings.

Author Notes: Janet Rae, an American living in Scotland, graduated with adegree in English from the University of Michigan and has worked most of her professional life as a journalist. Her Quilts of the British Isles was published in 1987, and in 1988, Traditional Crafts of Scotland, which she co-authored. She was Heritage Officer of the British Quilters' Guild for five years, with general responsibility for the Guilds Documentation programme. She lectures on quiltmaking and has helped organize several quilt exhibitions in the UK. For the last ten years she has been a partner in an Edinburgh-based consultancy specializing in corporate publishing, and she also runs a small arts and crafts gallery in the Scottish Borders.