Quilted Links? South African Kappies and French Boutin


From The Quilt Journal - An International Review, Vol. 4, No. 1.


By: Chaveas, Lucille M.

Author Notes: Lucille Chaveas has participated professionally in many areas of quilt-related activities. Her quilts have been exhibited in a number of exhibitions abroad, and one hangs permanently in Chateau Chauveniac-Lafayette, birthplace of the Marquis deLafayette. She has a teacher's certification from the National Quilt Association, and has taught quilting, lectured on quiltsand arranged exhibitions in France, Niger, Nigeria, South Africa and Malawi. Her review of the Renwick Gallery (Washington) installation of the exhibition, "Who'd A Thought It?" Improvisations in African-American Quiltmaking appeared in the Fall, 1992 journal of American Folklore. Ms. Chaveas received a BA from Syracuse University and an MA in Museum Studies from The George Washington University. Her time abroad has been spent with her husband, a foreign service officer, who is currently Ambassador to Malawi.