The "Hand Quilting" of Marseille


From The Quilt Journal - An International Review, Vol. 2, No. 1.


By: Janniere, Janine

Author Notes: Janine Janniere is currently teaching English at the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Toulouse, France. Her previous position was at Paris X University. She holds a B. A. in American Studies from Paris VIII University. Afterreceiving the 1975 Scholarship Award from the American Women's Group in Paris (a FAWCO Foundation-affiliated group), she enrolled in a Master's program in Education at theUniversity of Connecticut, in Storrs, and obtained her Master'sdegree in 1977. She discovered the American quiltmaking tradition during her years in rural New England and hasconcentrated on it ever since. She has done further researchon the subject within a Ph.D. program in American Studies atParis VIII University. After obtaining a research grant from the Fulbright Commission in 1984-85, she toured the United States for several months doing field work and was also a Visiting Scholar at the Institute of Appalachian Affairs of East Tennessee University. She has been lecturing in France on thissubject for a number of years.