Quilters Urged to Hurry With Entries for Show

September 1, 1938
Detroit News Quilt History Project; Michigan State University Museum; Susan Salser
Detroit, Michigan, United States
A Quilt Club Corner column including a coupon for entering a quilt in the show and the prize list.
Quilters Urged to Hurry With Entries for Show
By Edith B. Crumb

This is one of those heart to heart talks that we like to have once in a while. This time it's about The Detroit News Quilt Show. What else is there half as important for us to think about, anyway? As Mrs. Sylvia M. Carlen says, "Keep digging at them for I know of so many pretty quilts. But so many people lack the 'get up and go' spirit". So you may consider you are being dug at and I hope to pry loose from you first of all quilt coupons telling me how many entries you expect to make and then the quilt, starting Sept. 21.

The entries are coming in very well, but you know me. I'm never satisfied. You can't send too many to suit me. Mrs. Thomas J. Sullivan, 33 Glendale avenue, called to tell me many of the women in her apartment building are planning on making entries. Mrs. Sullivan is doing a little digging for me. Why don't you dig around your neighborhood and see what you can get in the way of quilts?

You know I never could stand to find out about quilts that are not entered in the show. I wonder how many Minnie Russel of Richmond is going to bring in? Let us hope that she brings the first quilt she entered- that Double Irish chain in the pinks. So many have written and asked me about that one that I am sure it will be appreciated.

The Quilt Club Sisters sent in their coupon telling me that they will have eight entries.

Mrs. K. W. Truxel, 8545 Dumbarton road, has two very lovely appliqued quilt tops she is going to put in. One will be especially interesting to you for it is a basket of roses unlike any I have seen in any of the shows.

Of course we are planning on having our own Quilt Club Corner at the show the same as usual. We may be in the midst of a big, busy, modern city, but we are home folks and like to knit, piece, swap patches and chat in the good old-fashion way. Bring your patches and patterns to exchange. That will be the big meeting place for all of you. I wonder if Mrs. K. Hamburger and her friends will come over from Chicago for the three days as they did last year? We also have friends who come from Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and many, many, parts of Michigan.

Be sure to bring your note books and pencils this year for there are so many things you will want to jot down. Perhaps you will see a quilt for which you would like to have the pattern and so you would want to take down the name of the person who exhibited it. You will want to get all kinds of information.

Are you with us every day on the radio at 11:15 a.m. over WWJ? We are having a find time chatting and exchanging recipes. We have Mrs. Alice Walsh's time until Sept. 12 when she will be back from her vacation. It is just like old times.

On this page is a list of the cash prizes which number 54 and total $300. Usually there are only 20 offered, so see how many more opportunities you have to earn a little extra money than you have ever before had.

Also don't let this paper get away from you until you fill out that coupon and send it to me right away.

Prizes for News Quilt Show
Grand prize (must be from a News pattern) $50

Completed Appliqued Quilts
1st prize, completed appliqued quilts 25
2nd prize, completed appliqued quilts 15
3rd prize, completed appliqued quilts 10

Completed Piecework Quilts
1st prize, completed piecework quilts 25
2nd prize, completed piecework quilts 15
3rd> prize, completed piecework quilt 10

Appliqued Tops Only
1st prize, appliqued tops only 15
2nd prize, appliqued tops only 10
3rd prize, appliqued tops only 5

Piecework Tops Only
1st prize, piecework tops only 15
2nd prize, piecework tops only 10
3rd prize, piecework tops only 5

Quilt or tops made from other than News patterns
1 prize 15
2nd prize 10

Best Quilt Top (Not News Pattern)
10 prizes of $2.50 each for finished quilts or tops from any pattern 25.00

Crotched Spread
(best in design and workmanship) 5

Most interesting history 2.50
Most interesting design and best workmanship 2.50
25 prizes of $1.00 each for quilts or tops of special merit from any design 25.00
Totals 300.00

100 ribbons awards for quilts and tops from any pattern

This The Quilt Show Entry Coupon
(to be used by those who are not Quilt Club Members)
Dear Quilt Club Corner Editor
I am planning to make the following entries as follows in The Detroit news Quilt Show to be held April 16,17, and 18.

Completed appliqued quilts from News pattern
Completed piecework quilts from News patterns
Appliqued tops only from News patters
Piecework tops only from News patterns
Completed quilts or tops from other than News patterns
Quilts or tops from any pattern made by children
Antique quilts or tops
Crocheted or knitted bedspreads
Street and No.
City State

Courtesy of The Detroit News Archives.

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