Quilt in Pastel Tints

September 6, 1938
Detroit News Quilt History Project; Michigan State University Museum; Susan Salser
Detroit, Michigan, United States
A Quilt Club Corner column including news of quilters who are entering quilts in the 1938 Detroit News Quilt Show.
Quilt in Pastel Tints
Mrs. George McIntyre of Ferndale shows her lovely Roses and Forget Me Nots quilt made from The Detroit News pattern. Mrs. McIntyre is planning to make six entries in the show. She has never missed a Detroit News quilt show.

Quilt Club Members Will Have Six Entries in Show
By Edith B. Crumb

Mrs. George McIntyre 335 Ardmore Drive, Ferndale has always been an industrious quilt maker so you may imagine how surprised I was to receive her coupon with just one quilt listed on it. I wrote her how sad that made me feel so she sent in another coupon with SIX listed on it. I want every quilt you have entered in the Detroit News Quilt Show, Oct. 7, 8, and 9 in Convention Hall. Lets make this the biggest one ever.

In the illustration is a lovely quilt which Mrs. McIntrye recently finished. It is from The Detroit News Roses and Forget Me Nots pattern. The background is an egg shell tint gingham and the wreaths are in soft rose, green and yellow.

The centers of the flowers are embroidered in green and yellow. The quilting design is very interesting. There are bouquets outlined in the plain blocks- bouquets outlined in bow knots in the most charming manner. The inside of the wreaths have spider web designs and small feathered sprays are around the wreaths, a diagonal line being used for the quilting of the rest of the background. A light green binding finishes this quilt.

Mrs. Edith Millman, 14135 Ilene avenue, writes that she is interested in quilting and wants to join the club. She says she is employed but still found time to make several quilts. She has attended several of the Detroit News quilt shows and now would like to exhibit a quilt as well as join the club.

Mrs. Millman has been watching for news of the coming quilt show and sends her best wishes for its success. That is very nice of Mrs. Millman. We hope we not only have as many quilts as last year but even more. If everyone who is interested sees to it that she enters one or more we will have an enormous show. You can't possibly send in too many quilts to suit me and all you have to do to make my day a happy one, is to send in that coupon with your entries listed.

Mrs. S.W. Hart, 253 Custer Street, has also written in to say she wishes to become a Quilt Club member. She has crocheted spread and one quilt made from a News pattern which was published about six years ago. I hope that Mrs. Hart enters both of these items as show. I wish we could have every Flower Garden quilt that was in the first quilt show. Do you remember how it looked like a great big garden in bloom? There is no reason why we cannot have most of these, either for though they have been used and washed, they are still eligible.

Mrs. Gabrielle Baecheroot, 3573 E. Hancock avenue, is entering lots and lots of quilts. By the way, she is in New York state and won't be with us for some little while but nothing could keep her away from the show. That is the one time of the year she sees everyone she knows.

Mrs. Sylvia Carlen, 1585 LeMay avenue, is planning to make eight entries. Mrs. Ynez Grenkowitz, 7625 E. Vernor highway, has signed up to enter seven quilts.

I wonder how many Mrs. Mae Havican, 1069 Crawford avenue, will put in. I know she has made lots and lots of quilt so I hope she will bring them all down for the show.

Mrs. B. Clark, 2487Townsend avenue, is planning to make five entries and Mrs. D Martin who lives at the same address has four to send, so that will make nine from that house alone. How many from yours?

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