Background Is Yellow in Gay 'Necktie Quilt'

March 8, 1941
Detroit News Quilt History Project; Michigan State University Museum; Susan Salser
Detroit, Michigan, United States
A portion of a Quilt Club Corner column including a list of Cornerites' birthdays.
Background Is Yellow in Gay 'Necktie Quilt'
By Edith B. Crumb

Miss Mary Gathers, 1628 Church street, has just finished a quilt which she brought down to the Quilt club meeting yesterday. She calls it the Necktie pattern and it certainly seems to be rightly named. Each block appears to have eight neckties and each is of a different color and pattern of print. The background is yellow, which is very attractive for this design.

After Miss Gathers finished the top she sent it to Mrs. Minnie Baldwin, a relative of Tuscola, Mich., who did all the quilting.

Miss Gathers is always sewing on a quilt, and by the time the next quilt show is held, she should have a stack to enter.

Yesterday's sunshine brought a large crown of quilters to the Cornerite meeting. Mrs. Hatty Breuhn, 8595 Olivet avenue, and Mrs. Emma Kirschke, 1242 Lawndale avenue, came to the meeting after being absent for a long time. They said that they had missed the good times and intend to come every Friday from now on.

A new member, Mrs. Bertha Miller, 5132 Lincoln avenue, came for the first time - thus celebrating her birthday, which was yesterday. Mrs. Marian Ridler brought a big bos of candy as her birthday treat.

Mrs. Minnie Russell stopped in just long enough to say "hello" and "good bye" on her way to a trip to visit a few relatives in Ohio.

Mrs. Sylvia Carled, 1585 LeMay avenue is still ill and not able to attend. We surely missed her.

Mrs. Henry C. Reinhold reports that Mrs. Belle Hardy and her daughter, Mrs. V. Ricketts, gave a dinner at the home of the latter, 2610 Harding avenue, in honor of the members of the Henpeck Holler caste. All but Mrs. Rose Alexander, who is ill were present.

A letter from Mrs. J. L. Hamburger, 11435 South St. Louis avenue, Chicago, says that her group of quilting friends are making big planss for the next quilt show. She is just finishing a quilt with 16,000 pieces in it, requiring 2,000 yards of thread in the quilting.

Mrs. Chas. E. Jones, 1629 24th street, has started her first pair of socks for the British War Relief Society and expects to get as far as the heel by next Friday.

Cornerites' Birthdays
March 13 - Miss Ruth Klein, 5326 Bewick avenue; Mrs. R. NOfz, 12353 Wisconsin avenue; Eva Mae Axford, 429 Walnut boulevard, Rochester, Mich.

March 14 - Mrs. Roberts Mitchell, 12272 Hartwell avenue; Mrs. Carl R. Moore, 18092 Lumpkin avenue; Mrs. Rose Mouflis, 8931 Brinkett avenue.

March 15 - Mrs. Emma Ball, 544 Sixth street, Ann Arbor; Mrs. A. McIntyre, 2615 Pearl street; Mrs. William Lynch, 6189 Townsend avenue; Mrs. Stella Gladfelter, 126 Colorado avenue; Highland Park.

March 16 - Mrs. Anne Wilson, 32 Johnson street south, Pontiac; Mrs. Myrtle Alli, 5117 Hartwell avenue, Dearborn; Mrs. Gladys Harbin, 1507 Pagel avenue, Lincoln Park; Mrs. J. Brennan, 6504 Steadman avnue, East Dearborn.

March 17 - Mrs. Marian Voelker, 13614 Winthrop avenue; Mrs. Ida Gonia, 320 Bayside avenue south; Mrs. G. Glesch, 14036 Whitcomb avenue.

March 18 - Mrs. Inez L. Gray, 12044 Steel avenue; Mrs. Elsie Bentley, Richmond, Mich.; Mrs. A. Bottrell, Box 217 A. RFD 3, Plymouth, Mich.; Mrs. Alice McBurnet, 112 "A" street southwest, Ardmore, Okla.; Mrs Elvira Broquet, 7300 Ellsworth avenue.

March 19 - Mrs. Annie Armstrong, 8333 Bryden avenue; Mrs. Wm. Langhern, Route 1, Inkster, Mich.; Mrs. Charlotte Snyder, 15817 Prairie avenue.

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