Family Plan Early Start for The News Quilt Show Trip Will Take Several Days So There Must Be Lunches to Keep Everybody in Good Humor

October 16, 1935
Detroit News Quilt History Project; Michigan State University Museum; Susan Salser
Detroit, Michigan, United States
A Quilt Club Corner column including letters from Quilt Club members, an advertisement for the Double Irish Chain pattern leaflet, and a coupon for Quilt Club membership.
Excitement Mounts in Sew-and-Sew...
Family Plan Early Start for The News Quilt Show
Trip Will Take Several Days So There Must Be Lunches to Keep Everybody in Good Humor

By Edith B. Crumb

Although it is only Wednesday it is none too early for the Lazy Daisy family to make preparations for their trip to Detroit News quilt show which is to have its opening at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon, Oct 18 for to these members of the Quilt Club is no small trip as they expect to be traveling almost two days.

All of this means considerable in the way of preparation and while Lazy Daisy has told what she would like to have for lunch, she hasn't turned her hand toward helping. So there is mother making stacks of sandwiches, father packing baskets and there is a general air of excitement about the house.

Worn Out Loafing
And don't think that mother is going to forget her scrap basket full of patches so that she can gossip and exchange pieces with others. No, indeed. She had that packed and ready long before she started to prepare the lunch.

Lazy Daisy is just worn out doing nothing more than thinking of all the work that has to be done even though she has not done a tap toward it. Don't you something wonder if Mrs. S-and-S isn't sorry she has spoiled L.D. so that she won't work? On the other hand, if she thinks that she can make anyone happy by cutting scraps all day to give away isn't any trick at all to get her at that-as long as it is not mentioned as work.

Will Stay As IS
I don't suppose she will ever change, thought, and we might as well accept Lazy Daisy as she is and be glad that she is a happy disposition. She would probably become pretty touchy if she had to sweep dust back wash and iron; but her mother carries on cheerfully and lets L.D. of her own way. I wouldn't be surprised if she had experimented with the combination of Lazy Daisy and housework and it did not turn out peaceably.

Watch for the start on the journey tomorrow.

Oh my goodness! Who is that up in the corner brushing and slicking down his hair so carefully? And where do you suppose he is going?

Broke her Arm
Dear Miss Crumb: I received your notice of the Quilt Show and would have liked to have one or more quilts entered, but I just have several partly done. I fell and broke my arm in July. If I am able I want to get to Detroit while the Quilt Show is on and hope to be in on the next one. I enjoy your broadcast so much and will be glad to be able to get at my patches again.
Mrs. James Little
131 Forest St
Chatham, Ontario

Oh, we are so sorry about your accident, but trust that you will be able to get to the show for we are looking forward to seeing you. I know just how much you must with to get at those quilts, which are partly finished. We are sorry not to have some entries from you, but we understand all about it.

Received Pattern
Dear Miss Crumb: My cousin and I wish to thank you all and all of the ladies of the Quilt Club Corner for their generous responses to my request for the Joseph's Coat quilt pattern. I wanted to write each and thank her; but I am afraid I would not be able to get all of the letters answered. The patterns are all so very interesting.
Mrs. Faye Jacobson
204 Mcmillan Rd
Grosse Pointe, Michigan

We are so happy to know Mrs. Jacobson, that you had such a fine response to your request. These quilt makers are always willing to help out in a time of need.

Wants to Quilt
Dear Miss Crumb: May I intrude on your lovely club? I have a yearning to piece a quilt. I have never made one but I have read your Corner for over a year I believe and I guess you have won me over. It all sounds so interesting that I keep thinking I am missing out on something good. I have a baby girl, four months old and have lots of time at home and I do want so much to piece a pretty quilt. I intend to go to the quilt show this year and, who knows-perhaps next year I may have to enter a quit myself.
Mrs. Clifford Taylor
14966 Greenfield Avenue

We are very happy, Mrs. Taylor, to think that we are making a quilter out of you. I am sure you will find that it is a very fascinating.

Colonial Quilt Now Double Irish Chain
It takes a new name but is really the same old lovely "Double Irish Chain" design so well liked a few years ago. Popular demand has brought it out of oblivion and Edith Crumb, your quilt editor, places the pattern once more on a leaflet for you.

The catalog number is ID30.To obtain this leaflet send your address with five cents postage to the Public Service Bureau of The Detroit News-be sure to include the catalog number ID30- and it, with any four other you select, will be mailed to you unfolded to fit the new holders. Or call in person at The Detroit News Public Services Bureau in the main building of the News at Second and Lafayette streets, or at the branch offices in the Majestic or the General Motors Buildings.

That Wednesday at 6 p.m. is the last minute for the receipt of quilts for the show. That you may enter quilts from any pattern , cash prizes being given to those from Detroit News patterns, ribbon awards for others.

That you may enter crocheted or knitted spreads or hand woven afghans.

That you may sell quilts or tops made from Detroit News patterns.

Beauty in the Home Editor:
Please enter my name as a member of the Beauty in the Home Quilt Club.

Street and number……………

Courtesy of The Detroit News Archives.

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