To Start Quilt Soon

December 31, 1935
Detroit News Quilt History Project; Michigan State University Museum; Susan Salser
Detroit, Michigan, United States
A portion of a Quilt Club Corner column including a list of Quilt Club members and letters from Quilt Club members.
...return just as many patches as she received and in one community the quilts would usually be of the same general patterns and material, for all quilt-makers had the same source of supply - the general store.

The Same Today
The same may be said of the patterns and materials of the quilts we make today. A hundred years from now if quilts we have made were brought together - think what the results would be! There would be hundreds and hundreds of Dresden Plates, Nosegays, Flower Gardens, etc., and there will be the same general idea carried out in color schemes because we, like our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, have exchanged pieces.

I hope that each of you is very particular about embroidering the dates on your quilts. This may not seem an important item now, but when your quilt becomes an heirloom (and, of course, that is what should happen), it should be easily identified as to age, location where it was made and by whom. Many of you have antique quilts in your family which you would like to know the age of, but are unable to trace; and...(clipping cut-off)

(clipping cut-off)...Try to make one more quilt than you had planned, to keep up the good work of spreading cheer among those less fortunate, and be sure to send in your letters and notes to the Quilt Club Corner. Happy New Year!To Start Quilt Soon
Dear Miss Crumb: I have visited two of your quilt shows and have come home with the fever to get busy on a quilt right away. However, I have not made a good start yet, but if you care to take my name for membership I will be happy.
Miss Esther L. Chamberlain.
3204 W. First St., Royal Oak, Mich.

Well, we will certainly be happy to have your name and I do not believe that it will be very long before you have a quilt started and maybe two or three. Write to us again, please, in a few months and tell us what progress you have made.

No More Nosegays
Dear Miss Crumb: Will you please let me know through your column how I may obtain through your column how I may obtain the pattern for your Nosegay Quilt, and what the cost is? I am asking for my sister, who wishes to make one.
Mrs. Harvey Alband.
Box 246, Utica, Mich.

I am sorry to tell you Mrs. Alband, that the Nosegay quilt patterns have been discontinued. The only series now available is the Laurel Wreath, which is very attractive. I will send you a list of leaflets which are distributed by the Women's department so that you may see what quilt patterns we have on hand. We charge nothing for the patterns - just postage.

Patches to Exchange
Dear Miss Crumb: I would like to be a member of your Quilt Club Corner. I would be glad to exchange patches. I am making a Dresden Plate and would like some small floral designs.
Mrs. Walter Moore.
145 Randolph St.,
Sandwich, Ont.

There are many quilters who wish to exchange patches, Mrs. Moore, so it is up to all who are interested in this to watch the Quilt Club Corner and look for the names and addresses of such quiltmakers. I am glad that you are planning on using only small floral designs in your Dresden Plate for those make the prettiest quilts.

These Members Belong to Quilt Club Corner
Mrs. B. V. Bagley,
526 Whittemore St.,
Flint, Mich.

Mrs. Myrle Lorey,
22110 Pleasant St.,
St. Clair Shores, Mich.

Mrs. A. H. Rost,
2584 Richmond Rd.,
South Euclid, Ohio.

Mrs. Cathern Schafer,
305 Tecumseh St.
Dundee, Mich.

Mrs. Martha Dunifon,
7653 Wetherby Ave.

Mrs. Roy E. Dunlap,
Connor Hotel,
Lapeer, Mich.

Miss Dorothy Dunn,
464 Arbor Ave.,
Monroe, Mich.

Mrs. J. H. Dunne,
10337 Crocuslawn Ave.

Mrs. Mike Dunn,
19 East Woodward Ave.,
Ecorse, Mich.

Helen S. Dutton,
5044 Grant Ct.

Courtesy of The Detroit News Archives.

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