Things Seen and Heard at The News Quilt Show

October 22, 1935
Detroit News Quilt History Project; Michigan State University Museum; Susan Salser
Detroit, Michigan, United States
A Quilt Quilt Club Corner column including a list of Quilt Club members, an advertisement for the Double Irish Chain pattern leaflet, and an article about Lazy Daisy at the Quilt Show.
Things Seen and Heard at The New's Quilt Show

By Edith B. Crumb

Many Interesting things were seen and heard at the quilt show, and here are a few items:

"Is there a sailor here who can take care of my baby while I look at the quilts?" (the answer to that was-not a sailor in sight for a long time.)

"I can't find my quilt. O-o-o-o-h, there it is! And it has a green ribbon on it. Well, what do you know about that!"

"How can one take such little bits of stitches?"

"While I am here at the Quilt show, my husband is going to two movies every day. He is never able to get me to go with him and now he is having a grand time.

"My husband wouldn't tell me what he is going to do while I am at the Quilt Show."

Husbands Enjoyed Show
"My husband came with me and is enjoying himself. What a time I had getting him started and now I have been ready to go home for half an hour and he is still looking at quilts. Says some of them are just like his grandmother had down on the farm when he was a little boy."

"Oh I would rather have a patch with green background. Will you exchange that one for this with the red?"

"Now I have enough patches so that every block in my quilt will have a different scheme."

I asked Mrs. S. Gasperick, who came over from Chicago just for the Quilt Show, how she happened to become interested in the Quilt Club Corner and she said that when the Tigers played one of the World Series games in Chicago someone dropped a Detroit News and when she picked It up it was opened at the Quilt Club Corner page and she immediately wrote to us and sent us several quilts for the exhibit. Of course, I did not expect that she would attend, but about 6 o'clock Saturday evening she arrived and said that she came over on the bus and intended to stay until 5 o'clock but left on Sunday afternoon. She brought a big supply of patches to exchange and I hope that she had a fine time.

Sketched Lazy Daisy
At one time all but one of the tables in the Quilt Club Corner were occupied by quilt makers exchanging patches and all alone at the remaining tables was one little boy, and what do you supposed he was doing? Trying to copy a Lazy Daisy picture.

Lazy Daisy has become very popular and has many new friends. Watch for her every day in the paper. She will be very busy and interested in everything. She has received many letters and is looking forward to many more.

The Quilt Club Corner editor is also looking forward to more letters to be read over the radio next Monday, Oct. 28, so in order to have your letter, or card here in time, please send it so that it will arrive not later than Friday morning, Oct. 25. Will you do that? Thank you!

A Good Snooze Will Put L.D. Right on Her Feet Again
Yesterday morning the Quilt Club Corner editor took a good supply of note paper, some nice sharp pencils, and knocked at the Sew-and-Sew front door, standing a long time on the Welcome mat before the door was opened. It was opened by Mrs. Sew-and-Sew on tip toe and her finger on her lips to shush any unnecessary noise.

On being told that the Q.C.C. editor came for the purpose of writing Lazy Daisy's impression of the quilt Show she ushered Q.C.C. editor into the living room where she thought she would sit and chat with Lazy Daisy.

But not a chance for L. D. simply could not be aroused. She had reached home about 10:30 Sunday night (being the last one out of the Armory and on arriving collapsed on the sofa, hat, gloves, shoes and all of her clothes and since then there hasn't been a word out of her-just a snore or two and some mumblings that sounded like "quilts, Double Irish Chain, popcorn, ginger ale, sailors, and calico patches."

So we will just let Lazy Daisy have her sleep out and when she awakes and is rested again we will see what she has to say for herself. She must have had a good time, though - don't you think so?

These Members Belong to Quilt Club Corner
Mrs. John Baxter,
Romulus, Mich.

Elva Carmody,
1115 S. Wilson Ave.,
Royal Oak, Mich.

Mrs. G. H. Dowell,
Mountain View, Mo.
Mrs. Grace Estes,
1615 Superior Rd.,

Ypsilanti, Mich.
Mable D. Forest,
Route No. 5 Box 54,
Ann Arbor, Mich.

Mary Gasperik,
9314 Cottage Grove
Chicago, Ill.

Isobel E. Jacobs,
1406 Lakewood Ave.,

Miss Clara A. Lehmann,
1690 Atkinson Ave.,

Mrs. Josephine Littig,
4521 Drexel Ave.

Cornelia Nelem,
Tawas City, Mich.

Mrs. Wm. P. Smith,
12 West High St.,
Coaldale, PA

Double Irish Chain Quilt Takes Honors in Show
This lovely old design took first place in the annual quilt show sponsored by The Detroit News last week. It's a pattern that has been used for years, but its popularity seems to increase rather than decrease. You will enjoy making it as much as you will the result. The catalog leaflet is ID 30.

To obtain this leaflet send your address and five cents postage to The Detroit News Public Service Bureau making sure to inclose the catalog number ID27 and it, with any four other leaflets you select will be mailed to you unfolded to fit the new holders. Or call in person at the Detroit News Public Service Bureau in the main building of The News at Second and Lafayette boulevards or at the branch offices in the General Motors or the Majestic building.

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