Club Members Settle Down to Long Winter of Quilting

October 22, 1938
Detroit News Quilt History Project; Michigan State University Museum; Susan Salser
Detroit, Michigan, United States
A Quilt Club Corner column including a list of Cornerites' Birthdays.
Club Members Settle Down to Long Winter of Quilting
By Edith B. Crumb

Appliqued Block
Mrs. Mary Gasperik, 9314 Cottage Grove ave., Chicago, Ill., made this gay quilt block which she calls her "Hungarian Girl," and sent it to Quilt Club meeting.

Just a few minutes before meeting time of the Quilt Club yesterday I received a package from Ms. Mary Gasperik, 9314 Cottage Grove Ave., Chicago, Ill., and in it was a quilt block which Mrs. Gasperik had made.

She calls this pattern her "Hungarian Girl" and it is appliqued and embroidered in very gay colors.

The skirt is a brilliant red ground percale with a conventional design in a bright green, blue, yellow, and black like bodice is bright green and the edge of the apron is also green. The shoes and the head dress are of bright yellow ground percale with blue, red, and green conventional floral pattern.

The sleeves are of embroidered lines in white with red and green lines denoting bows and shirrings above the elbows. There is an embroidered necklace, also a bracelet of fine embroidered lines. The apron is of white mesh material and the hair is of brown embroidery in solid stitchery.

Mrs. Gasperik has shown a great deal of patience in the creation of this block for there is a lot of very fine detail. For example, the arm and hand are appliqued and embroidered and you may well imagine how difficult it is to turn in the material and embroider around the fingers. The shoes are also appliqued and the turning in of the material around the high heels is no easy matter either.

This block would be charming for a pillow top or it could be framed and used as a wall decoration or under the glass of a tray.

Yesterday we had four new members at the Corner meeting. They were Mrs. Mary Mero, 3049 Williams avenue; Mrs. Ida Johnson, 2750 Third st.; Mrs. Fern Diel, 7168 Linsdale avenue, all of Detroit, and Mrs. Anna Simon, 71 Forest avenue, River Rouge, Mich. Mrs. Johnson brought two very attractive Dresden Plate tops for the members to see and Mrs. Henry Reinhol brought a top made from swatches of men's shirting. I wouldn't be surprised to see some more just like it for it was greatly admired.

Mrs. William Henry Blair said she had two suggestions for names for her Duck quilt and would like some more. Her address is 2649 Sixteenth street, so drop her a line if you have a bright idea about a name.

Mrs. Arthur Miller said she had lots of letters about her quilt with the little patchwork ladies gathered around the little quilt.

Cornerites Birthdays
Oct 27- Mrs. Sylvia Richards, Rogers City, Michigan.
Oct 28-Marian King, Rush lake, Pinckey, Mich. (in her teens)
Oct 28- Mrs. Elva Barrie, 1730 Bennett St, Flint, Mich.
Oct 29- Mrs. Allen Keller, 4887 Lake point ave., Detroit.
Oct 30- Mrs. Charlotte Bullion, 1441 Maple Ridge ave., Detroit.
Oct 30- Mrs. C.E. Grist, 8160 Chalfonte ave., Detroit.
Oct 31- Mrs. Margaret Storey, 245 E Buena Vista ave., Detroit.
Oct 31- Jane Wisner, 11671 Mansfiekd ave., Detroit (14 years old).
Oct 31- Mrs. P Foran, 1312 Cicotte St, Lincoln Park, Mich.
Oct 31- Mrs. Grace Parker, 5057 Allendale ave., Detroit.
Nov. 1 Miss Edith Dunca, R. 2 Willis, Mich.
Nov 1 Mrs. John Seewald Jr., 22720 W Jefferson ave., Trenton, Mich.
Nov 2-Mrs. Lena Nelson, Breedsville, Mich.
Nov 2 - Mrs. Frances Crocker, 12100 Telegraph rd., Detroit.
Nov. 2 Mrs. R. L. Chambers, 112 E Tifritt st., Halls, Tenn.
Nov 2- Mrs. Ethal Manahan, 209 E Chestnut st., Canton, Ill.

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