Stars for Quilt

February 10, 1940
Detroit News Quilt History Project; Michigan State University Museum; Susan Salser
Detroit, Michigan, United States
A portion of a Quilt Club Corner Column featuring an announcement of the Star Shower quilt pattern.
(clipping cut-off)... , avenue, Royal Oak, has written a nice little note to you. She says:
"Dear Quilt Members: My! What a lot of thoughtful people you are to take time out to send so many lovely birthday greetings!

I thought I would swear off having any more birthdays but it always gives me such a thrill to go to the post office and find that someone has been kind and thoughtful enough to remember me, so I think I have changed my mind about not having any more."

Mrs. Leona La Fleur 11144 Promenade Avenue says that she has tried very hard to get ahold of the pattern for the Trip Around the World quilt but has not been successful. She would like to know if any of you could lend it to her.
Her mother is making... (clipping cut-off)

(clipping cut-off)... She sent in the name of Miss Grace Lacey, 2510 Sturtevant Avenue, for membership in the Club and we are delighted to add her name to the list. I hope Miss Gray will be able to attend our meetings soon.

Mrs. K. Hamburger 11435 St. Louis Avenue, Chicago, Ill would like to know the name and address of the women who entered the Garden quilt at the 1937 Detroit News exhibit. Does anyone have any information about this quilt? If the woman who made it reads this, will she kindly drop a note to Mrs. Hamberger as she is anxious to get in touch with her.

Stars for Quilt
With dark green center diamonds, light green outside points, and white background this design makes an attractive quilt. Each block is nine inches square. To learn how to make the quilt ask for the Start Shower Quilt Pattern ID 73.
Leaflets are one cent each if called for at the Detroit News Public Service Bureau or branch offices in Majestic or General Motors Building.

Cornerites' Birthdays
Feb 15
Mrs. Richard Marx 1477 Twenty Fourth Street

Feb 16
Mrs. Max Mouser 139 Sycamore Street Upper Sandusky O
Mrs. Blanche Birmingham 1157 Garfield Avenue Lincoln Park, Mich.
Mrs. L Richards Galseburg, Mich.

Feb 18
Mrs. M.H Rhoads 7033 Mead Avenue Dearborn
Mrs. H Oakes 9900 Blackburn Road, Rosedale Gardens, Mich. (Mrs. Oakes is an invalid and will celebrate her eighty fifth birthday. )

Feb 19
Mrs. Minnie Nykanen 20177 Cardoni Avenue
Mrs. L McGovern 1832 Wayne Street Toledo, O
Mrs. Virginia Richardson South Rockwood, Mich.
Mrs. Thomas O'Neil 3024 Lenox Avenue

Feb 20
Mrs. Edward Mohring 123 Fulton Street Petoskey Mich.

Feb 21
Mrs. R.O. Jones 14633 Prairie Avenue
Mrs. Marjorie West 7125 Tuxedo Avenue.

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