Step Lively Is Slogan

April 12, 1940
Detroit News Quilt History Project; Michigan State University Museum; Susan Salser
Detroit, Michigan, United States
A Quilt Club Corner Column including a list of Children's quilt patterns available through the news.
Step Lively Is Slogan
By Edith B. Crumb

Do you recognize our little Quilt Lady in the silhouette who comes out every year ahead of the big show? Mrs. Sylvia M. Carlen, 1585 Lemay avenue, sent in a card to say that she was glad to see the little lady again. She says that means "Step Lively" so she is trying to finish her to have it here at a meeting soon.

Mrs. E. Seiler, 257 Beresford avenue, Highland Park, writes that she is trying to get her quilts ready for the show to be held on May 24, 25 and 26.

Five Quilts
She has already finished five quilts and two tops.

Illness prevented Mrs. Seller from attending the Corner meeting this winter, but she has made good use of her time at home.

She says that even if she is not able to attend the big show her quilts will be there anyway. She keeps up with the Quilt Club News in the paper and likes to read about all of you.

We certainly hope that Mrs. Seller will be able to attend the show- and we appreciate her sending in the quilts. This must be quite a task for her and I hope that every one of you will be like Mrs. Seiler and see that many quilts are sent in.
May 24, 25, 26

Don't hesitate to send in any that have already been displayed. They will be welcomed like old friends. We want to see a whole lot of those first year Flower Garden quilts. We want to see a whole lot of the Trip Around the World quilts- in fact lots of any and every kind.

Remember- the dates are May 24, 25 and 26 (which will fall on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and the place is the United States Naval Armory east Jefferson Avenue at the Belle Isle bridge.

That is the time when old friends will get together. We expect to have a crowd of quilters from Chicago and others will come from all over the state.

I do hope that Gran will be well enough to come to the show. If there is a possibility you know very well she will be here, for she wouldn't miss a show if she could help it.

Send Coupons:
Be sure to fill out your coupons right away and send them in, for we want to know how many entires to make space for and you want to be among them of course.

Watch the paper daily for Quilt Club Corner news and do write us a line or two. We are so happy to receive your Friendship and notes.

Children Quilts
Children will be delighted with the gay picture quilts which can be made from The Detroit News quilt patterns designed especially for them. The patterns are given in the following News leaflets
ID-15 - Circus Parade Quilt Pattern
ID-16 - Circus Parade Quilt
ID-17 - Circus Parade Quilt
ID-18 - Circus Parade Quilt
ID-14 - The Little Kittens Quilt Pattern
ID-21 - Areoplane Quilt Patter
ID-50 to 100 - Mother Goose Pattern

Leaflets are one cent each if called for at The Detroit News Public Service Bureau or branch offices in Majestic or General Motors Building. By mail, one cent each with five cents extra postage up to 10 leaflets and seven cents up to 24 leaflets. Stamps accepted.

​Courtesy of The Detroit News Archives.

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