Cornerites Gather for Reunion

October 11, 1941
Detroit News Quilt History Project; Michigan State University Museum; Susan Salser
Detroit, Michigan, United States
A Quilt Club Corner column reporting on the latest Quilt Club meeting.
Cornerites Gather for Reunion

By Edith B. Crumb

Wasn't the Quilt Club Corner meeting yesterday just like a family reunion? Not only were many of the regular members present - but there were also many new ones.

The new members are Mrs. Grace Brock, 39 Martin Place; Mrs. Anna Cote, 15368 Freeland avenue (both of them have moved here recently from Lansing); Mrs. F. E. Ward, 3632 Canton avenue; Mrs. Mildred Atwell, 8904 Louis avenue; Mrs. Lillian Sawrey, 86 Edgevale avenue; Mrs. Aurelia Holzhauer, 4826 Baldwin avenue; Mrs. Marie Schearer, 7049 Senator avenue; Mrs. Elizabeth Kreucher, 4046 Carter avenue; Mrs. Jack Jacquith, 544 La Prairie avenue, Ferndale; Mrs. Helen Lucas, 8616 Ellsworth avenue, and Mrs. Margaret Buck, 3964 Porter avenue.

After everyone had greeted everyone else and chatted for a while, Mrs. Marian Ridler gave a few words of welcome and served as master of ceremonies for a short but delightful program. Mrs. Sylvia Carlen sang, accompanied by Mrs. Anna Cote; Mrs. Henry C. Reinhold read bits of Quilt Club news covering a period of nine years.

Mrs. Frances Dale, 6187 Toledo avenue, brought a quilt she has just finished for her new granddaughter, Linda Ruth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Dale, 980 Berkeley Road, Columbus, Ohio. Linda Ruth is only a month old, but it won't be long before she will appreciate all of the fascinating designs on that quilt.

Mrs. Margaretha Thomas brought the Dogwood quilt which she just finished. Mrs. Frances Garvey did the quilting on it.

It certainly seemed good to see all of you back again and I was very happy to have so many new members. It is a good thing that Mrs. Eva Schaub brought two boxes of candy to celebrate her birthday for one wouldn't have been enough to go around that huge crown yesterday.

Let's have a big attendance like that every Friday. How about it?

Cornerites' Birthdays

October 16 - Mrs. Clare Ryan, 215 Alfred street; Mrs. Walter Snelling, 8862 Petoskey avenue; Mrs. Mildred Attwell, 8904 Louis avenue.

October 17 - Mrs. Genevieve Sell, R. No. 1, Box 298, Inkster, Mich.; Mrs. Sarah Kahn, S. Rockwood, Mich.; Mrs. Mary Orlowski, 8620 Bessemore aveune.

October 18 - Mrs. George Acker, R. No. 1, Oxford, Mich.; Mrs. Emma Castle, R. No. 7, London, Ontario; Mrs. Adelbert Turner, 10037 Burley avenue, Dearborn; Mrs. Gladys Turner, 10037 Burley avenue, Dearborn; Mrs. James Woonton, Oxford Park, R. No. 7, London, Ontario; Mrs. J. B. Marshall, Carbon, Ind.

October 19 - Mrs. Elsie Hodges, 1535 E. Grand River, Fowlerville, R. No. 2, Mich.; Lelah Beck, R. No. 1, Jerome, Mich.; Mrs. George Weismuller, 1076 Garfield avenue, Lincoln Park, Mich.; Mrs. Louise Powell, S. Rockwood, Mich.

October 20 - Mrs. Harriet Detmer, 14210 Hampshire avenue.

October 21 - Miss Irene Robbel, 817 Second street, Marine City, Mich.; Mrs. Monte Beach, 660 Fairview; Mrs. Beatrice Bamberl, 235 Decatur street, Sandusky, Ohio.

October 22 - Mrs. Ona Have Seiloff, 17517 Asbury Park; Mrs. A. Zemlicka, 3336 Roosevelt avenue.

For New Granddaughter
Mrs. Frances Dale, 6187 Toledo avenue, has just finished this quilt for her month-old granddaughter, Linda Ruth Dale. The background is ivory and the border is blue.​

​Courtesy of The Detroit News Archives.

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