Complete List Given of Quilt Show Winners

May 28, 1940
Detroit News Quilt History Project; Michigan State University Museum; Susan Salser
Detroit, Michigan, United States
An article listing the winners at the 1940 Detroit News Quilt Show.
Complete List Given of Quilt Show Winners

The complete list of prize winners at the record - breaking Detroit News Quilt Show, which closed Sunday night In the Naval Armory, includes 76 contestants whose work was judged best out of more than 2000 entries.

The Grand Prize of $50 was awarded to Mrs. Charles Voelker, 12022 Hartwell avenue, for her appliqued Tree of Life quilt.

Next two highest prizes, of $25 each, went to Mrs. W. R. Goodson, 501 E. Elm avenue, Monroe, Mich., for her finished appliqued Mother Goose quilt, and to Mrs. Helen Kohn, 1960 Reyburn Court, Cleveland, O., for her finished piecework quilt made on the Feathered Star pattern.

Runners-up in the finished applique group were Mrs. Mary Gasperick, 9314 Cottage Grove avenue, Chicago, Ill., and Mrs. Arthur Miller, 12251 St. Mary's avenue, Detroit.

Second and third prizes in the finished pieced quilts went to Mrs. Ellen M. Austin, 120 South 5th avenue, Maywood, Ill., and Mrs. Louise H. Thiebout, 549 Leonard street, N. W. Grand Rapids, Mich.

The following women won first, second and third prizes respectively in the groups named: pieced tops – Mrs. P. H. Flint, 14250 Sussex avenue, Mrs. M. Markley, 5751 John R street, and Mrs. W. B. Clarke, 1566 W. Grand Boulevard; appliqued tops – Mrs. George Maki, 14415 Archdale avenue, Mrs. J. Charlow, 1206 W. Bennett avenue, Ferndale, Mich.: crocheted spreads – Mrs. A. Alleman, 15362 Parkside avenue, Mrs. A. M. Andrews, 4653 Seebaldt avenue, and Mrs. Lena Oddo, 12795 Wyoming avenue.

Prize-winning hooked rugs were entered by Mrs. F. W. Bickel, 18701 Sorrento avenue, Mrs. Bernadine Kruck, 17404 Vaughn avenue, and Mrs. Clyde Waldo Truxel, 783 Westchester Way, Birmingham, Mich. Awards for braided rugs went to Miss Clara V. Ronowski, 12246 Promenade avenue, Mrs. John T. Trumble, 303 Elmhurst avenue, Highland Park, and Mrs. C. J. Wroblewski, 14942 Stahelin avenue.

Women at Grand River Avenue Baptist Church were awarded $25 for entering the largest group of quilts from a church society.

Children’s quilts selected by the judges were made by Mrs. Brinkman, 446 W. Golden Gate avenue, Mrs. Arlington O. Holbrook, 166 Pilgrim avenue, Highland Park, Mich., and Mrs. A. Adamson, 243 Waverly avenue, Highland Park, Mich.

Apron Group
First prize in the apron group was awarded to Mrs. Peter MacGregor, 1394 W. Grand Boulevard, second to Mrs. J. M. Miller, 5725 Loraine avenue, and third to Mrs. R. Walters, 41 Tennyson avenue, Highland Park, Mich.

The outstanding antiques were entered by Mrs. H. H. Harlow, Barnaby road, S. Hudsonville, Mich., and Mrs. E. Ferguson, 8325 Bryden avenue, Detroit.

For the best finished quilts made with Detroit News patterns prizes of five dollars each awarded to Mrs. M. Kegler, 1278 Rademacher avenue; Mrs. Florence Garvey, 5964 Chatsworth avenue; Mrs. G. E. Murar, 3630 W. 103rd street, Cleveland, O.; Mrs. W. S. Kirschbaum, 9319 St. Cyril avenue; Mrs. Emma Long, 15322 St. Mary’s avenue; Mrs. Mary Gasperik, 9413 Cottage Grove avenue, Chicago, Ill.; Mrs. Lucile Kasler 4791 St. Clair avenue; Bill Quillen, 13189 Powell avenue; Mrs. J. W. Moore, Jr., 20515 San Juan drive, and Mrs. George McIntyre, 335 Ardmore avenue, Ferndale, Mich.

Prizes for quilt tops only, made with News patterns, went to Mrs. Leontine Hardy, 5217 Garland avenue; Mrs. Sylvia Carlen, 1585 LeMay avenue; Mrs. Wm. H. Turner, 115 Isbell avenue, Howell, Mich.; Mrs. Bernadine Kruck, 17404 Vaughn avenue; Mrs. Alma Norrid, 4811 Drexel avenue; Mrs. G. P. Large, 17567 Patton avenue; Mrs. Emmons Galton, 1165 Harvard road, Grosse Pointe; Mrs. Alfred Morton, Route No. 1, Box 190-A, Plymouth, Mich. And Mrs. T. Van Riper, 932 Pine street.

Merit Awards
Merit awards of one dollar each for quilts or tops from any design were won by Mrs. Ida Dansby, 303 E. Lorain street, Monroe, Mich.; Mrs. Guy Abbott, 15366 Linwood avenue; Mrs. Arthur Fisher, 5065 Vancouver avenue; Mrs. Geo. McIntyre, 335 Ardmore avenue, Ferndale, Mich.; Mrs. Margaret Bowman, 4421 Lillibridge avenue; Mrs. Sada Zimmerman, 261 Winona avenue, Highland Park, Mich.; Mrs. Mary Koszuta, 13721 Troster avenue; Mrs. Emma Wells, Clawson, Mich.

Mrs. I. O. Kapp, 5026 Horger avenue, Dearborn, Mich.; Mrs. Alice Roiser, 8777 Gratiot avenue, Richmond, Mich.; Mrs. Arthur Miller, 12251 St. Mary’s avenue; Mrs. Anna Menlenberg, 1324 S. Westnedge avenue, Kalamazoo, Mich.; Mrs. Fay Flecher, 1254 E. Grand Boulevard; Mrs. G. P. Large, 17565 Patton avenue; Mrs. Floyd La Vigne, 16887 Lilac avenue.

Mrs. Sara Puls, Richmond, Mich.; Mrs. J. H. Dietrick, 421 N. Williams street, Paulding, O.; Mrs. Ollie Mae Cole, Levi, Ky.; Mrs. Dorothy Milock, 311 Moran drive, Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich.; Mrs. Mabell Littier, 1980 N. Maple avenue, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Mrs. William Sonderman, 923 Howard street, Saginaw, Mich.; Mrs. W. Lakin, 164 W. Grand avenue, Highland Park, Mich.; Mrs. John Chapman, Jr., 676 Calvert avenue; Mrs. C. Amey, 2628 Montgomery avenue.

​Courtesy of The Detroit News Archives.

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