Quilt Display Wednesday To Aid Service Men Fund

September 30, 1945
Mary Gasperik Legacy Project; Susan Salser
Chicago, Illinois, United States
An article about Catherine Hamburger, award winning quilter.
Mrs. Katherine Webb Hamburger, 11435 St. Louis ave., who has made 80 quilts in the past 22 years looks at one of the quilts in her collection. The quilt contains 16,000 pieces of material and has a design of the cottage of Ann Hathaway, Shakespeare's wife, on it. Each flower in the quilt is as large as a 10 cent piece. Mrs. Hamburger will display the quilt and others in her collection in an exhibit in the American Legion hall, 3309 W. 111th st., Wednesday.

Quilt Display Wednesday To Aid Service Men Fund

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fashioned dress appears on a green and yellow quilt and another quilt has a figure of a girl clad in pink and standing in a rose arbor.

Another unusual design is one that Mrs. Hamburger refers to as her Stitch and Chatter club quilt. This quilt has on it the figures of 50 women, each sitting in a high-back chair. The women are shown darning socks, running sewing machines, making quilts and serving tea from a tea table. They represent the Stitch and Chatter club of which Mrs. Hamburger is a member. However, there are only 12 members in the club.

At the present time she is working on a quilt which she refers to as her Hawaiian quilt because it consists of a palm tree and a design of Hawaiian flowers. The unique thing about this quilt is that the design is all in one piece. It took Mrs. Hamburger two days to cut it out.

Mrs. Hamburger has exhibited her quilts at county fairs and hobby shows and has 45 prize ribbons. The 16,000-piece quilt has won six blue ribbons. Her handiwork has been exhibited in New York, Detroit, Boston, Marion, Ill. Tilden...

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