Dear Mrs. Gasperik-

January 08, 1957
Mary Gasperik Legacy Project; Susan Salser
Chambersburg, Illinois, United States
Congratulations and pattern request for a pattern.
Chambersburg, Ill.
Jan. 8, 1957

Dear Mrs. Gasperick-

I am writing you in regard to the appliqued quilt you exhibited at the fair in Springfield last summer. Do you have the pattern + could I get it or where did you get it + the name + price. I want it appliqued, not pieced or painted one with pond lilies + cattails. I am 85 ½ + just want to make one more. I want to hook + braid rugs. I admired your quilt very much + would have liked to seen it spread out to see the full design. If I could get our design, I may design one. I have designed 4 quilt, 3 painted + one appliqued. I have prizes on all.

Mrs. Cummings

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