Dear Mrs. Gasperik:

August 27, 1960
Mary Gasperik Legacy Project; Susan Salser
East St. Louis, Illinois, United States
A request for the Hungarian girls quilt pattern.
1216 N71 Street
East St. Louis, Ill.
August 27, 1960

Dear Mrs. Gasperik:
Hope you do not mind a stranger writing you. And that we may be friends.

Daughter and I were at the fair last Saturday. Naturally, as like pretty handwork, we headed straight for building.

Among the quilts was first prize of girls and boys in print costumes in center. Looked like white sleeves were chain stitched borders were 3 prints of color used in costumes. Wonder if you would sell me a copy of that pattern, also your #2 prize done in 2 shades purple? If you bought top ready stamped, would you please send me address? They looked more like patterns not stamped.

I’ve some pretty patterns that I’d also be willing to exchange for ones I do not have, if you had any of them. If interested, be glad to hear from you. Enclosing self addressed envelope for answer. Then if you want to trade or think may have some I’ll send list of ones wanted. Would you also have “The Temperance Ball” pattern?

Mrs. D. Burdell

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