Daughter of Mrs. Gasperik:

December 22, 1960
Mary Gasperik Legacy Project; Susan Salser
East St. Louis, Illinois, United States
A letter mentioning the Hungarian Peasant quilt.
December 22, 1960

Daughter of Mrs. Gasperik:
Greetings in our Savior’s Name.
Thanks for answering your Mother’s mail and letting me know about the “Hungarian Peasant” quilt shown at Springfield Fair. So very many are beginning to collect patterns the past 5 years. Nearly every week – get request for some pattern. Do not always have. Had wanted Hungarian Peasant for my self. Not to sell or trade. And would buy the top laid out – if any of you girls cared to help her. But will understand if you do not care to. Have some myself that do not offer – for know work involved in making. Many do not understand time it takes.

Have a top just finished, a memorial to my sister. It is as God showed me her happiness in the Great Beyond. Not quilted yet. Did not answer sooner (you wrote answer to me Oct. 17) was on the ill side myself and just pegged around house.

Want you to know pleasure had in seeing the quilt, and hope may see another come next fair. Hope to enter 1 or 2 next year too.

Wishing you one and all the blessings of Our Lord this holy season.

Mrs. Dollie Burdell
1216 N71st Street
East St. Louis,

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