Mrs. Gasperik,

August 20, 1966
Mary Gasperik Legacy Project; Susan Salser
Springfield, Illinois, United States
A request for a quilt pattern.
Springfield, Ill
Aug. 20, 1966
Mrs. Gasperik,

I am writing to ask you if you would tell me where you got the quilt you have entered at the fair or the name of it.

One of my daughters (I have 5) seen this and wants me to make one for her. I have never seen this pattern, but it is beautiful. I love to make quilts and am trying to get one for each of the girls + grand children made as I think they are grand keepsakes have 13 grandchildren so don’t know if I’ll make it or not.
You do beautiful work if you have any unusual patterns would love to have them.

Thank you so much.
Mrs. Walter Sembell
2425 So. 8th
Springfield Illinois

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