A Chance to Get Acquainted With Friendly Quilt-Makers

August 17, 1935
Detroit News Quilt History Project; Michigan State University Museum; Susan Salser
Detroit, Michigan, United States
A Quilt Club Corner Column, including letters from quilt club members.
A Chance to Get Acquainted With Friendly Quilt-Makers

By Edith B. Crumb
Well, here we are at our letter reading day again. Saturday gives you an opportunity to read messages from friends, old and new.

Letters have always been popular with the Conerites but remember that in order to have them read they must be written, so be sure to do your part in order that the Quilt Club Corner editor may have a big stack to start work on the minute she returns from her vacation.

Here are a few letters for today's reading:

Makes First Quilt.
Dear Miss Crumb: I listen to your broadcast and find that you give advice regarding quilt-making. I need your assistance as I am making my first quilt. Would you please inform me the beset way to obtain and work, autographs- that is, I mean, would have the names written on a paper or would you have them write on the cloth? I am sure you know the proper way to do this. Quilting is very interesting, but as I have four children I just couldn't find time to make any quilts.

I used to watch my mother quilt and it was a great pleasure to her because she made at least 40 quilts, perhaps more, and most of them were given to her children, and grandchildren, also her friends and churches. I had the misfortune of losing my mother last November. This quilt I am making has in the center all the patches that my mother had left in her sewing basket. They are all different sizes and colors. Some were ready to sew and some were just cut ready for some pattern. And then with the large pieces I am making different patterns of the quilts that mother made. Now the names I want to use are of all the persons that received quits from mother and I will put these also in the quilt. I would appreciate knowing the best method of working in these names.
Mrs. George Bailey
7600 Nuremberg avenue
Detroit, Mich.

My, what an interesting quilt you will have and I am sure it is just what your mother would wish you to do with the pieces that she left.

As for the autographing, I think it is a good idea to have the names written on paper and then place the piece of cloth over this, holding both up to a window and tracing the names on the cloth. Of course, you may have them written on cloth, but the names are not always centered just as you would like to have them and by doing the tracing yourself you can have the names placed just the same on every block.

I hope this suggestion will prove helpful to you. Won't you let us have a picture of this quilt when it is finished? It will be so interesting I am sure the readers would enjoy seeing it.

Patches to Exchange.
Dear Miss Crumb: Do you think that anyone would care to exchange patches with me? All my patches are fast color prints.
Mrs. Mervin Williams
1228 Cedar St Hancock, Mich.

I hope that those who wish to exchange patches will see your name and address and write to you about it. And speaking of exchange of patches, this is going to start up again in a big way. I shouldn't mention it now, I know, but I was just thinking about that new quilt pattern that I am going to put out in a week or two but there is only one leaflet to it and it is going to take all kinds of small patches; but oh, it is such an attractive pattern and so easy to make.

We want to take a good deep breath and get all ready to send out hundreds of leaflets for when these quilt-makers see the picture of that new quilt block in the paper it isn't going to take them long to send for it and get it started. It is one that may be very easily finished in time for the show.

Live in Log Cabin.
Dear Miss Crumb and Beatrice: Good morning, girls! May we come in? We want to let you know how much we enjoy listening to you read those nice letters from the Quilt Club members. We live in log cabins and just love to make quilts. Is there any place where a patchwork quilt or a hooked rug would look any better than in a log cabin?

We are certainly going to the next quilt show, even if we have to thumb our way to Detroit, so that's where we'll be seeing you.
Mrs. John Lucasek and Mrs. S.M. Prucha
Strawberry Lake, Hamburg, Mich.

We are certainly happy to have two such enthusiastic quilt makers and your names have been put in the membership list. Be sure to watch for the dates of the quilt show and plan to come. You are right about patchwork quilts and rag rugs being appropriate for log cabins. They are just right for it and I know that you enjoy making these pretty things.

Good To Be Missed.
Dear Miss Crumb: I have been here at Wattsburg, Pennsylvania, for about a week and a half but I am going to come home so as to listen to the broadcast. I missed the corner
Mrs. Helen Batten
Wattsburg, Pennsylvania

It really is very flattering to be missed, and it makes a bright spot in the day to receive a card from one of our own Quilt Club Corner members mailed from a distance and know that you are thinking of us and will be glad when you are turn.

We don't want anyone to miss a nice vacation, but we do hope that we are just dreadfully missed.

I wouldn't be surprised if you saw some very wonderful old quilts in Pennsylvania, Mrs. Batten. That is a state of many quilters and old and new quilts are interesting.

Has Quilt to Enter.
Dear Miss Crumb: I have made a quilt according to my own ideas. There are applique designs of little girls in the center with tulips for a border and it needs only quilting. I have never done any of this before. I would like so much to enter it in the Quilt Show if it is possible and would be eligible. And now I would like to make the Laurel Wreath quilt.
Mrs. B Seles
9229 McQuade Ave., Detroit, Mich.

Of course, that quilt will be eligible and I hope that you will enter it and also have a top of the Laurel Wreath finished in time to enter that also.

All of These Quilters Belong to the Corner
Mrs. Frances Brown
Harper Sta. R. No. 4

Mrs. Helen Brown
4322 Sixth St
Mrs. H.J Brown
7459 W Vernor Highway

Mrs. L.D. Brown
Route No. 4 box 40
Belleville Michigan

Lottie E Brown
4396 Pacific Ave

Miss Maida Brown
Gaylord, Michigan

Mrs. Merritt Brown
Rushing, Michigan

Mrs. R.E. Brown
205 Fauble Ave.,
Durand Michigan

Mrs. R.M. Brown
1419 Cronk Ave
Flint, Michigan

Mrs. W.H. Brown
308 Michigan Ave
Monroe, Michigan

Mrs. Bessie Bruce
12308 Corbett Ave

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